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This novel isn't just a novel. It's also for the October Prep Challenge too.
This is an Action/Adventure novel about a young girl who is about to find out what her father does for a living. He kills people. It all begins when she's eight-years-old, and he has no choice but to get her involved in what he does. For the next five years, she helps him with his Kill Orders. She even has to do some killing of her own a couple of times. The last time she does it is when her father is killed by some Professional Killers just like him. In fact, she gets to watch him get killed.

Now she's a teenager, and she's on her own. Over the next five years she tries to avoid Social Services who are still trying to help her. Which they have been trying to do all of her life. Especially, since she was about five. Social Services is the main reason why she has been running from town to town and state to state. It's Secret Location. The company that her father worked for. They are now after her too.

Those first five years after becoming an adult her biggest problem was still Secret Location. They are still after her. Now the Law is after her too. She doesn't know why they are after her or why they want her dead, but she is going to find out. That happens during her next five years.

It starts at age eight and ends at twenty-eight. During her preteen years, she goes by Jessica Parton, her teen years as Jessica Night, her early adult years as Jessica East, and her last six years as Jessica Strong. This first novel spans her life. The next one, and future ones, she will be just Jessica Strong.
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#40. Jessica Strong - Introduction Chapter
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#39. Outline Three - Jessica Strong
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#38. Outline Two - Jessica Strong
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#37. Outline One - Jessica Strong
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#36. Jessica Strong Plot Background - "Meeting Secret Location"
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#35. Scene Setting Short Story
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#34. Antagonist Secret Location
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#33. Protagonist Jessica Parton - "Too Young to Remember Her"
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#32. Thursday, November the first
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#31. Wednesday, October the Thirty first - Plot: Premise Revision
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#30. Tuesday, October the thirtieth - Protagonist Interview
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#29. Monday, October the Twenty Ninth - Marketing and Voice
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#28. Sunday, October the twenty-eighth
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#27. Saturday, October the twenty-seventh
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#26. Friday, October the twenty sixth - Freestyle Brainstorm plus
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#25. Thursday, October the Twenty-fifth
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#24. Wednesday, October the Twenty-Fourth - Literary Plot Devices
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#23. Tuesday, October the twenty-third - Minor Character Profiles
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#22. Monday, October the Twenty Second - Setting-Definitions List
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#21. Sunday, October the Twenty first
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#20. Saturday, October the twentieth
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#19. Friday, October the nineteenth - Setting: Settings List
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#18. Thursday, October the eighteenth
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#17. Wednesday, October the seventeenth - Plot: Complications
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#16. Tuesday, October the sixteenth - Character: Dramati Personae
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