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by Seuzz
Rated: GC · Book · Occult · #2183311
A high school student finds a grimoire that shows how to make magical disguises.

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Table of Contents (Vol. 2) 14.25k
... And the Entrance of a Better One 11.02k
The Exit of One Chelsea ... 10.87k
Hangover from a Life Change 9.96k
The Bust Up 10.77k
Boyfriends Who Are Bad for You 10.83k
At Play with Chelsea Cooper 10.46k
Guess Who! 10.91k
Are You There, Chelsea? It's Me, Will Prescott! 9.82k
A Coup in the Coop 9.98k
The High and the Mighty, the Low and the Flighty 10.49k
Don't Mind Me 11.10k
Who's Who at Westside High 10.49k
Crises, Small and Tall 10.93k
A Warning for Laura 10.75k
The Problems of Three People in This Crazy World 11.38k
Another Night of Holding Someone's Hand 11.01k
The Third Man 10.86k
A Message from Chelsea 11.13k
A Chat with Chelsea 10.08k
Grading the Teachers 10.15k
Lord of Discipline 10.52k
A Very Merry Re-Birthday 10.76k
Girls Galore 11.03k
The War Chest 9.30k
The Song of Yourself 10.32k
Ambushed and Bushwhacked 10.04k
The Book, Mobile 10.82k
Gone, Book, Gone 10.96k
Hand Off, Face Off 11.03k
A Notch in the Belt 10.35k
The Toughest Girl Around 10.44k
The Girl Who Could Be More 10.75k
Mugging a MILF 10.60k
The Master Planner 10.00k
Chelsea Cooper, Marijuana Marketeer 10.52k
Into the Weeds 9.66k
The Backpedal 11.13k
Improperly Paranoid 10.70k
The Aristocrats 10.57k
Dane in Distress 5.12k
The New Queen 10.69k
A Royal Coup 10.09k
The Port in the Storm 10.81k
Looking for a Promotion 10.98k
Dane's Doom 11.09k
Unscrambling the Omelet 9.33k
The Conspirators 11.23k
Search for Tomorrow 10.77k
The Pop Quiz 11.18k
The Leader of the Pack 11.39k
Laura Comes Clean 10.59k
An Exercise of Character 10.90k
Jack and Will 11.29k
Hijack! 11.05k
The Breaking Point 10.35k
A Private Party in the Portables 10.75k
Jack's Story 10.41k
The Clover Mystery Deepens 10.66k
Coffee with Chelsea Cooper 10.46k
Face-Time with a Cheerleader 10.49k
A Dane Disguise 10.58k
Old Clothes for New Looks 9.63k
Spencer's Gift 10.31k
Spencer Explains 9.99k
Extra Bodies, Just Laying Around 10.96k
Gallons of Gossip 11.33k
A Day as Kendra Saunders 10.23k
Derp with a Side of Donuts 9.88k
Study Buddies 10.60k
Portable Bodies 9.59k
Getting to Know All About Me 11.01k
The Ghost of Boyfriends Past 10.17k
Friend Zones 10.39k
Worlds Turned Upside Down 10.79k
The Girl Who You Are 10.27k
The Girl Who Is You 11.04k
The Theatrical Trade 10.71k
A Trap of One's Own Making 11.31k
The Wilderness 11.16k
El Midnight 11.26k
Invitations in the Dark 9.86k
The Pretenders 10.55k
Room Services 10.97k
Motel Hell 11.39k
Narc Narc, Who's There? 11.10k
Buying More Than Bargained For 11.65k
Some Ginger and Mary Jane 10.99k
Stoned-Cold Stupids 11.42k
Joint Ventures 11.07k
Drama in the Drama Department 10.87k
Lost and Foundering 10.50k
The Digging Party 11.42k
Wild Things 10.43k
The Pirate Princess 10.07k
Heists and Hustles 11.14k
Feminine Wiles and Feminine Denials 10.90k
Too Many Tasks 9.79k
More Help Than You Know What to Do With 11.15k
Signals in the Dark 11.21k
The World, Your Cafeteria 11.39k
The One Who Once Was You 10.76k
Chens and Chelseabots 10.97k
Life Behind the School 10.75k
Deepening the Talent Pool 11.31k
Business Before Pleasure 10.85k
Too Many Dumbasses 10.91k
An Army of One 9.94k
The Pleasant Phucker 10.97k
A Game You Can't Win 11.36k
Romances in Disguise 9.26k
Shanghaied! 10.94k
Dealing with a Chenbot 11.74k
When a Body Needs a Body 11.10k
This Old Man 11.06k
Jumping Javits 11.04k
An Old Song with Swapped Singers 10.98k
One Fire Lights, Another Goes Out 10.36k
Caleb Johansson Returns 11.33k
The Queen in Her Parlor 11.25k
The Morning Fog 11.25k
Meetings in the Dark 10.86k
Criss Cross Consequences 11.04k
A Musical Transposition 10.96k
Sacking a Ballplayer 10.74k
Mystery Date 10.49k
Making New Made Men 10.81k
Time and Punishment 10.86k
Chen's Boyfriend Trouble 11.20k
Whose Life Is It Anyway? 10.64k
Faces Behind Faces 11.21k
Taking Care of Business 11.13k
Jujitsu 11.50k
The New Girl 10.49k
Chelsea Chen 10.64k
A Missing Mask 11.19k
A Change of Partners? 10.90k
Dealing with a Devil 10.88k
Burning Dilemmas 11.52k
Piled Higher and Deeper 11.39k
Change Your Partner 11.41k
Deeper Holes 11.34k
The Wrong Things, Said 10.83k
The Power of Compound Interest 10.74k
Inside Dope 10.89k
Unwilling Exchanges 10.65k
Deeper Impersonations 11.16k
People Who Won't Lay Down ... 10.93k
The First Day of Another Life 10.34k
Where the Money Comes From 10.59k
The Operation 10.54k
The Coming of Gary Chen 11.32k
Change for a Chen 9.66k
Why You Should Never Dig Up Your Mistakes 10.67k
Some Romantic Backstory 10.86k
Just a Perfect Friendship 10.64k
Stuff That Comes Out of Storage 9.80k
A Fetch Quest 10.01k
The Curious Miss Cummings 10.58k
Projects and Projections 11.04k
The Reluctant Friend 10.68k
It's a Gift 11.38k
A Couple of Surprises for the Boys in Your Life 10.84k
It's a Mad Mad Mad Madison World 10.92k
Switches in Time 11.04k
Mad for Madison 10.68k
Dane's Destiny 11.34k
Putting on Paulina 10.38k
Six Weeks 10.80k
Flight of the Prodigal 10.77k
The Webb of Friendship 11.05k
The Challenge 10.73k
Casting a Webb 11.10k
The Winners 10.58k
The Fifth Column 10.77k
Joining the Club 10.83k
Masks Beneath Masks 11.21k
Close Encounters of the Vee Kind 9.53k
Using What You've Got 10.66k
A Mask, a Moon, and a Monobrow 10.58k
The Paranoid Roommate 10.95k
Making Your Mark 11.12k
Becoming Will Prescott 2.0 10.28k
Turnabout Interrogator 8.38k
A View from the Sidelines 10.53k
The Girl in the Golem Mask 9.85k
Dragons Vs. Wildcats 11.01k
Golems and Gorgons 11.29k
The Sorceress's Apprentice 11.11k
Pulling a Switch on the Old Switcheroo 8.30k
Vee Is for Visit 11.22k
What Chance Have You Got Against a Tie and Crest? 11.15k
The Other Girl Who Played with Magic 6.50k
Of Masks and X-Men, Part 2 8.83k
Of Masks and X-Men, Part 1 10.08k
This Is Your Brain on Drugs 7.44k
The Fallen Angel 10.27k
The Wildcats of St. Xavier 9.91k
The Girl Who Played with Magic 7.76k
The Paranoid World of Prescott and Nolan 10.33k
Smash and Return 10.43k
Breaking Serve 5.52k
Window Shopping 8.60k
Freakin' Tuesday 10.39k
Explaining Yourself to Yourself 10.65k
Baseline Rally 6.33k
Mixed Doubles 7.97k
Office Hours 9.41k
Sunday Is for Scheming 9.68k
Mix and Match and Masks 10.27k
The Apprentice Becomes the Master 8.58k
Acuna Matata 8.19k
The Reluctant Master 9.22k
Nobody Expects the Tennis Confession 10.42k
Nobody Expects the Tennis Inquisition 8.98k
Dangers from Expected Quarters 11.41k
Guilty Consciences All Around 11.54k
Unexpected Exhumations 11.15k
Caleb and Complications 11.31k
Magic on the Loose? 11.05k
Some Suspect Behavior by Sophomores and Seniors 11.54k
Twenty-Five Places to Hide 9.22k
Blasts from the Past 11.29k
The Last Day of Life as Lindsay? 10.88k
The Sophomore Scheme 10.77k
The Homework Party 11.02k
The Cradle Snatcher 11.64k
An Age Regression 10.94k
The Field of Play 11.32k
Tales of a Body Swap 11.71k
The Frenemy of My Friend 10.65k
Spencer for Hire 11.40k
The Complicated Love Life of Lindsay Cho 11.31k
The Popular Kids 11.19k
Fakes on a Date 11.32k
Fatal Flirtations 10.98k
Parties to a Plot 10.70k
Life as Lindsay 10.76k
Can't Everyone Be Friends? 10.99k
Leaving as Lindsay 11.06k
Playing Ball with the New Will Prescott 10.81k
The Party Boy 10.12k
Chez Colson 10.54k
Anyone for Tennis? 10.23k
Getting to Know You 10.37k
A Girl Who Can Rout Two Guys 10.55k
Where the Boys Play 9.95k
The Remains of an Afternoon 10.33k
A Lunch Where No One Knows Your Name 10.87k
Making a Case from a Different Direction 10.55k
The School When Viewed from On High 10.35k
A Brief Return to Normality 10.96k
Breaking a Habit You Never Had 11.10k
The Place Where the Monster Lives 10.98k
A Theory of Bully Management 11.64k
Role Reversals 11.11k
An Offer You Should and Do Refuse 10.52k
The Right Plan with the Wrong Guy 9.90k
The House of Professor Blackwell 9.35k
Mind and Muscle 10.91k
Face Facts 11.27k
How to Sideline Yourself 11.46k
Dark Histories 10.70k
Enigmatic Antecedents 11.13k
A Change of Mind 11.12k
The Life of a Dad 11.41k
Fathers and Sons 10.82k
A Dad's-Eye View 9.81k
Disaster for Dad 9.61k
A Temporary Twin 9.98k
Surprise Package 8.99k
Daddy Issues 10.70k
Another Personality Takes the Stage 11.01k
The Bold and the Beautiful 11.36k
The Bodyguard 10.71k
Preparing for a Kim-personation 10.37k
Someone to Watch Over Me 11.52k
Identity Roulette 8.64k
The Taming of a Shrew 11.28k
The Choice for a Cho 10.94k
When Second Thoughts Come Too Late 11.26k
Spy Girl 10.94k
A Snow Job 10.07k
Clouds of Fame and Glory 11.59k
The Boys' Choices 11.63k
The Copyist 11.33k
The Many Faces of Crime, Part 2 10.81k
The Many Faces of Crime, Part 1 10.93k
Discarding Dwayne 11.15k
People and Possibilities, Part 2 11.07k
People and Possibilities, Part 1 11.05k
The Fate of Dwayne Macaulay 11.12k
The Return of the Reluctant Prodigal 10.65k
Alone with Yourself and Dwayne Macaulay 10.62k
The Businessman 11.41k
A Drug Dealer's Trade 10.86k
A Double Trap for Dwayne Macaulay 10.03k
Mugging Macaulay 11.08k
The Return of Marianne Matthias 10.91k
One Bhodi, Two Brains 10.43k
Bonding with Bhodi 10.19k
An Old Conspirator and a New Conspiracy 10.89k
The Mind of Marianne Matthias 9.75k
Underground Work 10.91k
All Is Made Clear 10.88k
A Turn of the Tables 10.82k
A Partner 8.80k
The Copycat 8.47k
The Mystery Box 10.45k
Inside the Actor's Studio 10.67k
A Change of Persona 10.74k
The Boy with Two Brains 9.84k
The New Job 9.20k
Caleb as Conspirator 7.72k
Dead Ends 10.52k
An Escape Route Into a Dead End 10.29k
Respect from Unexpected Places 10.38k
The Perils of Paulina 10.55k
The Girls of Second Period 10.55k
In the Game 11.14k
Impressions and Auditions 10.95k
Stalking a New Body, Part 2 10.10k
Stalking a New Body 10.37k
The Sophomore Candidates 10.77k
Comical Choices 10.66k
All About Evie 10.18k
One Body, Two Brains 10.89k
Of Two Minds 11.39k
Becoming Unconnected 11.47k
A Date with Lots of Talk About Dating 11.32k
Pulp Friction 11.41k
Jobs Begun Badly, Then Bungled 11.37k
Hit from All Sides 10.92k
Dane's Deals 10.97k
Dane's Domicile 9.42k
Dane's Daze 11.23k
Deep Disguises 10.49k
A Disastrous Date 11.03k
A Tale of Two Eavesdroppers 11.39k
A Shared Life 11.47k
Lofty Expectations 10.58k
Dodging Out of Dodge 11.15k
The Discovery of Gordon Black 10.41k
One Very Odd Protection Program 10.60k
People Have Inhibitions for a Reason, You Know 10.93k
Double Dates 11.63k
Brief Encounters 10.86k
The Promise of Coffee, the Perils of Lunch 10.97k
A Manufactured Rebound 8.91k
A Day in Another's Shoes 11.28k

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