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A girl has given up on dating, until one guy changes her mind...
I challenged myself to write from a girls perspective...

Chapter One: "Grizzy"

Am I the only one that has friends that date these AWESOME guys and I keep getting guys that shouldnt even be let off the porch?
It bothers the h*ll out of me thinking this way, because not only does it make me look unsupportive, it also makes me look bitter...And Im not bitter, as a matter of fact, Im COMPLETELY happy for my friends...Bitter, pbsssst...Yea right...Okay, Im a little bitter...I would say I'm taking a hiatus from dating, but it's more of a funeral service. The problem with my dating life is, is that I fall hard...Like HARD. I let my emotions do all of my decision making, I invest more than the guy, and I'm expecting this huge romance to play out. Well romance, chivalry, and heart strings, don't exist anymore- Ugh- its gotten to the point that I'm thinking maybe it's me. I always get set up on "pity dates" by friends, and I'm glad I'm smart enough to avoid being a third wheel. Does ANYONE understand me? Grizzy does. Youre all I have left after mom left dad and me when I was three. I can always talk to you about anything...Even with that blank, dopey, look on your face- Its sad that a teddy bear listens better than most guys...Let me sit you up on my bed here and complain- I don't think it's too much to ask, Grizzy...What, for a guy to be interested in ME? I want to be touched in a nonsexual way...I want him to love me so much he'll just lay next to me...All I want is for his heartbeat to replace the white noise in a room. I want his heart to keep him up at night thinking about me...Ugh, I want to love HIM. I want to sing to him over the phone in the late night...Like this, Grizzy:"

"I never learn, and now Im failing you
and if this is a test
don't make me take it again
there's no time to study
I'd rather pass the time
this is a waste of time
but you'll move on

now I'm held back
and you moved on
I never meant to hold you back
so just move on

I have to learn, not to put myself through this again
why can't I learn
this will never be my friend
why can't I learn, this was wrong all along
why can't I learn
we can never be friends"...

She switches from a soprano tone
and belts out the ending bridge in a beautiful, mezzo soprano, distorted tone:

"It's the only time you believe
the only time when you believe in me
like rain with the sun out,
I'll break your heart just cause...
it's the only time you believe
the only time you believe in me"...

As she opens her eyes she's startled by the reflection in her dresser mirror of a man with tears streaming down his face-

"Dad...STOP"...She says embarrassed.
"Your roommate let me in...That voice...Its like your mother never left, Maria"...He walks in and picks up the stuffed animal- After all of these years you still won't tell me what yall talk about, Grizzy? You wrote a new song...What's the name of it honey?" She walks over and sits on the side of her bed-
"Rain." He walks over and kisses her on the forehead- "I love it. I stopped by to see if you wanted to get a bite to eat, but APPARENTLY you got plans"...Maria looks puzzled: "No I don't. I NEVER have plans...Who told you I had pla"..."About that"... Her roommate interrupts walking by: "I may have told my boyfriend you would go out with us...And his friend?"

And shes grinning like a mongoose at a hen house...

"No Amy and I hate you"- Maria says playfully...

But the author of this story aint quite sure...

Amy continues: "Mr G, PLEASE make her go?...My boyfriend has this friend he wants to fix up and he kind of feels sorry for him...He cant get a date."

"I SO hate you Amy," Maria bites back.
"I could never get Maria to do nothing but sing," her dad says smiling..."Youre on your own. Remember what I said Maria"...Both Maria and her dad say together: "If he wont stay in line and put in time, he aint worth your time"...Maria shakes her head annoyed- "Got it dad."
"Have fun...Yall be safe...Call me if that little"..."DAD!" Maria yells laughing- BYE!" As Mr. G leaves Maria scoots toward Amy for the REAL girl talk- "Whats his name?"
"Jackie," Amy squeals.
Maria squints at Amy: "JACKIE, AMY?!" (To be continued...)

Chapter Two: No good deed goes unpunished

"NO." Maria walks away to the living room, and plummets to the couch as if shes drained by the conversation-
Amy follows behind..."Youre in a slump, Maria"..."Im not in a SLUMP, Amy, okay?..Just...Ugh, you dont know what its like.
What I want isnt out there." Amy walks over, and taps Marias leg signaling for her to make room for her to sit- "Then tell me."
"I want a guy, that when he looks at me, Im all that matters to him... You know when you get excited to see a guys number when he calls?
That. Ive NEVER had that. I dont know what its like to think about someone all day, and screw up projects," Maria laughs. Amy gets comfortable beside her- "Its the best feeling in the world," Amy smiles, spacing out. "Okay, then...Why is that SO hard to find?" Amy stares at Maria, and smiles..."You know what? Youre right"..."Im RIGHT?!" Amy gets up, goes into the kitchen, and returns with two cokes- She hands one to Maria: "Yea...Dont EVER settle when you KNOW youre worth it. I know you, Maria...Youre the sweetest, most honest girl I know...I really dont know why you hang out with ME," Amy continues rolling her eyes. "You have these morals, youre beautiful, youre smart...You can sing your a** off"...
Maria interrupts laughing: "Is THAT why I dont have one?"
They laugh together-
"No, seriously Maria...Youre hot." Maria stands up, heads to her mirror and holds her long, shiny hair up- "Am I hot, or HAWT?" Amy stands in her doorway..."Girl, youre HAWT...So, are you going to go?" "Only because Im a good friend," Maria says smirking." Have you met him? Tell me about him." Amy fidgets- "Hes...Really smart," she says cringing- Maria glares..."That means he looks like a f*****g cartoon...Amy, I will stay here, and get on youtube SO fast." "OKAY, OKAY...Hes...Kind of...Simple." Maria walks up to her with a stern face- "Simple like...Slow?" Amy covers her mouth, as she scoots back like playfully avoiding being hit: "No, NO!...Simple like...Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies?" Maria yells: "You hooked me up with Catfish Jackie, Amy?! Ugh! NO!" Amy grabs Marias shoulders- "PLEASE. You might like him. Give him a chance. Its ONE date. We're going BOWLING, so you can just wear jeans and a t shirt." "ONE DATE," Maria scolds..."Let me get dressed"...

Amys boyfriend pulls up a little later to pick the girls up...

Maria gets in the back seat-" Weres Jackie?!" Amys boyfriend, Kevin laughs: "Hes SO weird...Hes at the bowling alley."
Maria frowns: "And, WHY is he THERE?!"
They arrive, and Maria storms out of the car-"LETS GO!" They all walk in, and Kevin points out Jackie sitting at the bar...
Maria rushes over in a FIT- "WHO do you think you ARE?! Didnt your mother EVER teach you to not stand a girl up?!
Jackie stands up, smiles and takes his hat off:
"I aint stand you up, I do apologize, Miss...You must be Maria, its good to know you." Jackie holds his hand out for Maria...Maria looks puzzled,
and places her hand in his..."You look fine today," Jackie continues- Maria snaps back: "Im not wearing make up, and Im wearing jeans and a t shirt." Jackie grins: "You mean to tell me, this is how you look ALL the dang time? Whew, imagine if you clean up!" Maria fights a smile-"Is that what goes for a compliment, from, WERE EVER the h*ll youre from?" "Depends on how you take it, Miss...Look like you aint take things too good as it is, being feral and all." Maria squints: "Oooh, dont you push it...Youre one step from"...Jackie cuts her off- "And as for speaking on my mama, honey...She bout as honest as it gets...I wasnt in the car, cause you aint know me, and it aint fitting...Why on Gods green Earth would I pick you up at your house? I aint earned that right...Now, when we done with the pleasantries, can we get on with this?" He pulls the stool out for Maria- "You join me, Miss?"
Maria looks back at Amy with a defeated look.
Amy squeals in a taunting tone: "Ooooh, he TOLD you!"..(To be continued...)

Chapter Three: A good day to die

Maria leans in with her anger fueled question- "Excuse me?" Kevin and Amy grab a seat for the show...
"I suppose you want me to lick that calf again," Jackie says putting his hat back on- "But I aint. I thank yall, but Im fixing to hit the bricks"...
"SPEAK ENGLISH!" Maria snarls under her breath. He walks up to her, and looks her square in the eye: "Sorry for the trouble, Miss. Ill call a cab." He nods at everyone, and walks out the bowling alley. Maria sits on the stool FUMING- "No he didnt just...I call b******t, Amy." As they speak, a cab pulls up, and Jackie gets in...
The cab drives off...
Maria and Amy stare at each other in disbelief, as Kevin shakes his head walking off to a pool table. "He REALLY just did that, Amy?!"
"Yea, Maria...WOW." Maria lights over to Kevin- "Whats his number?!" Kevin grinning, pulls out his phone searches for the number, then hands the phone to Maria. Jackie answers: "When you play nice Maria, I aint got a problem seeing you again." Maria looks puzzled- "Howd you know it was me?!" She hears him laughing, "cause a guy wouldnt call after an incident like that." Maria begins to turn red- "WERE are you?!" She can hear Jackie give driving instructions to the cab driver- "Its that house right there, Suh...Home now, hon...I figure I got to go, Im sor"...Maria yells, "I SAID, WERE ARE YOU?!" Jackie whistles in a shocked way- "You bout as hot as the hinges on the gates of h*ll aint it? Why?"
Then Jackie hears through her gritted teeth: "Cause Im coming for my apology"..."Riiiggght," he taunts..."Its 1327 Sycamore Lane"...Then, he hangs up...

I dont think I have EVER seen her THIS mad...But then again, I just met her also...Im writing as you read it...

Maria looks at Kevin- "Give me your keys. This boy has lost his mind."
"Like...Really? Are you REALLY going over there? Amy pulls his arm and smiles: "Give them to her"...

She pulls up to his house as he sits on the hood of a 1969 Chevelle, drinking iced tea out of a mason jar- "Well, I'll be"...
He hops off the hood, and hands the jar to her- "Jackie...We met"...He walks over to the porch, and pours another jar of iced tea, then exchanges with her- "I aint expect you to actually show up...Youd shoot craps with the devil himself," he says laughing. "No"...She says breaking from her anger, and blinking back tears- "Who do you think you are"..."Oh, sweetheart," he says grabbing and hugging her, "Im sorry...You gave me such a dang hard time, I aint mean nothing by it... I aint think you liked me at all." She breaks free, checking her eyes for tears- " I dont. But thats how I am when Im nervous." He leans against the car, and asks: "Well, when you aint nervous, how are you?" She laughs a little- "Im actually nice...Whose car?" "Mine," he says proudly...Still tinkering...Just needs some body work, a paint job, and some other stuff...Shes beautiful, aint she?" Maria walks around the car, running her finger along the side..."Yea...She is." Jackie walks to refill his iced tea, as Maria starts to unwind enough to sip hers- "Ooh," as she sips- "This is perfect... Its JUST sweet enough...(Like you)," she says under her breath...
He didnt hear it though...
"The key aint a pound of sugar," he tops off her jar, "you boil water and sugar on the stove to a simple syrup...Gets folk everytime." He opens the door to the car, and gets in- Maria questions getting in...She KNOWS this could lead to nothing good. The LAST thing she wants, is a deep conversation...
The FIRST thing he wants...Is a deep conversation...She gets in, and scoots in toward him- "Look. I KNOW what youre doing- The good cop, bad cop routine...The push and pull...You were a JERK earlier, now you try to soften me up with this genuine act. Its not going to work." He shakes his head- "How LONG you done did this? This ACT you doing?" Kevins cellphone rings, and JUST in time to save Maria from a deep conversation...Maria laughs, "Oof, I still got his cellphone!" She answers- "Maria...Um...Are you coming back soon with my phone, and my CAR? (To be continued...)

Chapter Four: A rock and a hard place

"I got to go. Thanks for the tea." Jackie sits the jar on the hood of the car, "so just like that?" Maria stops and turns- "Look, Im sure youre a nice
guy, but I dont think this is going to work... We have NOTHING in common." "Aint that common as cornbread...Like Im polite with home-training, and you aint," Jackie snaps as he walks toward the porch.

Writers note: Jackie....Ooh...No...Not good...

Maria grins with that look...That look like: You got SOME nerve...She throws the keys in the front seat of the car-
"Boy, you got SOME nerve!"..

Told yall...

She walks up to Jackie like he owes rent money- "Look, Mr. Full of yourself- I dont need the attitude, okay? THAT may work on those SIMPLE girls you talk to, but its NEVER going to work on ME...Can you hear me now?!" Jackie looks around like he doesnt know WHO shes talking to...
"Dang right it dont...You too d*mn complicated...Talking to you is like taking a dang test...Dont come up to me telling me how the cow ate the cabbage, you"...Maria interrupts yelling and clinching her eyes shut- "SPEAK. ENGLISH. JACKIE!"

Thank goodness Jackie doesnt live in an uppity neighborhood...

"Aint my fault you aint listen too good...DANG, always talking...Shoot your mouth off like you ate bullets for breakfast."

You know that frustrated "OOOH!" Girls do when theyre p*ssed?


Yea...THAT one...

Maria walks up, as he keeps walking backward to create space between them...
"Git." "Git?" Maria says mocking him, trying not to laugh- Jackie repeats, "yea, git...Gone girl"...She mocks him again, moving closer- "Gone?" She smiles and lowers her tone: "Speak. English. Jackie"... "Get out my face, Maria," he says trying not to smile. "What if I dont want to?" Jackie moves forward- "Oh, yea?".."Yea"..She says leaning closer...The phone rings again, and Maria answers: "Im leaving now," she says staring Jackie in the eyes- She hangs up and walks toward the car, as Jackie yells out: "W-waitaminute, WHAT?! You aint gone give me your number or nothing? You aint want to go somewere, sometime?" She says nothing, but smiles-
"Im coming for my date!" He calls out..."Riiiggght," she answers and drives off...

Two days later as Maria sits in a coffee house reading...
She hears someone at the counter...
And she knows that speech ANYWERE...

"DANG! Seven dollars for a cup of Joe?...Thats higher than a dr*g sniffing dog!"
He sits down in front of Maria, and sits a cup of coffee next to her- She smiles, closing her book as IF shes annoyed-
"I NEVER said I would go on a date with you"...He sips his coffee, and says: "You aint ever said you WOULDNT"...
(To be continued...)

Chapter Five: Tornado on a trail drive

"What are you DOING here, Jackie?" Jackie sips his coffee, shaking his head at the price he paid for it- "Im here for our date...Howd I find you? Glad you asked...Amy dimed you out... What are you reading? How long you been coming"... Maria cuts him off: "You cant just SHOW UP uninvited, Jackie." "Well, you took too long inviting," Jackie grins. "Besides, I TOLD you, as sure as sunshine I was coming...And you got all the nerve, you came to my dang house!" Maria smiles and sips some coffee- "Youre pretentious, you know that? "Naw, I aint"...Jackie says looking around- "Who says Im pretending?" Maria laughs, almost spitting out her coffee- "Oh...She DOES have a sense of humor...You want to go outside with me?" She puts the book in her backpack, and Jackie grabs it for her- "I got it."

They walk outside, and Maria leans against the side of his Chevelle...

Maria stares at him...Like hes a puzzle and shes trying to figure out were to put the next piece...

"What do you WANT, Jackie?" He takes his hat off and puts it on her, then leans against the car next to her- "You."...She gets uneasy and annoyed by his answer- "WHY? I dont like you, and Im mean to you." Jackie laughs- "Honey, Im like pudding... Not everybody likes me, but aint nobody hate me either...And folks aint even know they like me...Until they try me...And I aint worried about that, cause you like me." She adjusts the hat on her head- "Yea? What makes you so sure?" He pushes himself from the side of the car, and playfully pushes her shoulder- "A guy knows." "Oh yea? You dont know much...Besides, who knows...You probably do stuff like this all the time with other girls." Jackie bursts into laughter as Maria frowns: "And WHAT is so funny?!" He catches his breath- "Girl, if I was with somebody, how you figure Im here with you?!"

Shes not amused...

"Guys lie all the time, Jackie." He folds his arms and moves in front of her- "And yall dont? How you know so much about it anyway? All them boys you got, and all."

He is standing SO close to her...
She starts fiddling with the buttons on his shirt-

"WHAT boys, Jackie? I-I dont want this...I mean I DO, I just"...She exhales: "Jackie...PLEASE dont play with me...Okay? Im not good with all of this, and if youre just looking to play around"..."Im not, Maria"...

Maria gets lost in the moment, and throws her arms around his neck...

"I want to believe you...I do."
Some obnoxious teens ride by and yell out the window: "Kiss her!"
"Dont...She whispers painfully with her eyes closed...PLEASE dont"...
"I cant anyhow...Now, if you were mine, thats another story...You know what I REALLY want?"

He wraps his arms around her...

"Is it alien that I just want to hold you for a spell, and pretend youre mine?"
"No...Is it weird that right now, Im pretending that Im yours?"..

A car pulls up along side of them in the parking lot...

"Well, it looks like he found you," Amy yells from the passenger seat over Kevin driving-
They quickly break away startled-
"I gotta go, my rides here...But this WASNT a date."
She walks toward the car, as Jackie tries to get her attention: "Maria...My hat"...
"Uh huh," she smiles..."Its a nice one."
"No hon, thats a Stetson...That hat mean the world to me."
"I figured. Ill give it back when you take me on a real date...See ya , Jackie."
"WAIT! I aint got your number!" She scoots in the back seat to the window near him:
"(410) 255-3000!"
"Byeeee Jackieeee!" Maria and Amy yell teasing as the car drives off... (To be continued...)

Chapter Six: Nose wide open

Maria and Amy get dropped off by Kevin, and Maria is trying her best to be cool about everything...

"Soooo, Maria...Hows it going?" Amy asks with an obvious grin- Maria takes off Jackies hat that shes been wearing the whole time, and QUICKLY flees to her room...
And Amy is in hot pursuit...
"Ummm...What was going on when we pulled up?! Were you guys about to kiss?!"
"No...Amy...Geez"...Maria scoffs- "We were just talking"...She then hurries to her computer and puts on headphones, but Amy pulls them off...

Then Amy does an over exaggerated impression of Maria:

"I cant stand him...Hes SO full of himself...Blah, blah, blah, I wish he would speak english!"..
Maria just glares-
"I can NEVER be with somebody like THAT...Ugh!..Speak english Jackie!" Then Amy laughs so hard, she falls into a chair holding her stomach...
"Funny, Amy...Get out."
"Fine, Maria...But we BOTH know the truth...That boy got"...
Maria leads Amy out of her room giggling, and slams the door-
"YOUR NOSE WIDE OPEN!" Amy yells from outside the door laughing.
Maria lays in her bed, staring at the hat on her dresser...She sweetly grins to herself, trying to fight that emotion she fears-
She rolls over and grabs Grizzy-
"I know, I know...Dumb right? Ugh, I KNOW what youre thinking...NOT AGAIN. Anymore talks like these, and youll have to start charging me by the hour." She hugs him as she lays in bed, and begins to sing softly:

"Can I just be honest
its obvious, I cant be without you
and without you
theres no oxygen,
so I cant breathe without you...

Youre the blood that rushes to my head when I see you,
and my heart cant beat without you
cant you see,
I cant be without you...

I'll go through h*ll for you
it'll just burn for a bit
youre the flame to my wick

Cause noone can hold a candle to you...

So Im convinced
as long as fire exists
the desire will exist
I cant be without you"...

She finishes the last line with a strong run, then looks at the teddy bears blank expression..."Everyone's a critic," she laughs...She continues to talk and reason with Grizzy- "We have nothing in common, you know... You're thinking: Opposites attract....Okay, hes DEF not my type...You're thinking: Maybe that's a GOOD thing...Well, what if he doesn't like me?..Youre thinking: If he's still putting up with YOUR mess, he does...You're not helping, Grizzy"...She sits the bear beside her- "Okay...I like him. I'm just scared...What if he DOESNT call? Oh, OOf...He HAS to...If he wants that hat...Oh NO! What if he does the three day thing? I can't wait three d*mn days! He BETTER call soon"...

Maria dozes off, and is awakened by her phone ringing...The number shows up blocked- Normally, she wouldn't answer it, but she's half asleep...

"Girl, give me my d*mn hat"...

She covers the mouthpiece of the phone, squeals, and returns collected-

"Boy, why you call me blocked?!" Jackie laughs, "cause I'm the mysterious type"...She rolls her eyes- "You are NOT mysterious, and you're about as deep as a puddle...And if you want your hat back, take me out."
"Ain't that something...I met you, and you could argue with an empty room, NOW you sweet on me...You change like Kansas weather." Maria holds the phone for a second-

"Baby, speak english"...

NOW, Jackie holds the phone...

"I am...I been doing it...You just aint understand me...Watch: I. Like. You"...

Her heart stops, as she doesn't want to give too much of herself away...But she understood THAT loud and clear...
She changes the subject-

"Were are you taking me?" Jackie stammers a bit: " But I aint done with my car, yet...It aint really fitting for a girl like you."

Maria starts to grin-

"And WHAT is a girl like ME like?" He replies: "The kind that make me look better than I am."

Maria stares at the ceiling, trying to re arrange the words in her head-

"I don't care about your car, Jackie...I don't even know what a Chevelle is...I only like IT cause you do, and I like YOU."

I know I'm the writer, but THAT was incredibly sweet, Maria...

Maria stands up, and tries on his hat-

"Hey...Whats your number?"
He laughs and says: "When you give me my hat back, you'll get my number...Until then, look after that hat."
"I will," she says in a sweet tone- "When do you want it back?"
"As soon as I get mind were to take you...I'll call you back, okay?" Maria slightly pouts, and says:
"YOU BETTER"...(To be continued...)

Chapter Seven: Trouble this way comes

Ain't nothing up this late, but trouble...
Marias phone rings in the middle of the night...
The numbers blocked, of course...

"Boy, I KNOW it's you," she answers trying to play down her excitement- "What do you mean calling me in the middle of the night? I thought you were a gentleman"...Jackie laughs...

This boy is ONERY...

"Baby if I WASNT a gentleman, I'd be laying next to you right now...I need to see you, I cant sleep...All I want is to be around you." Maria quietly gasps for breath, as her heart flutters: "W-What? Why? I'm trying to tell you Jackie, I ain't nothing special." Jackie clearly shows his uninterest in her answer: " You aint see what I see, and I ain't appreciate you speaking for me...Well?"
Maria is having a hard time understanding what's going on...But she likes it...
"Youre trouble"...
"I am," he replies-

There's an awkward, romantic silence on the phone...To were they can hear each other breathing...

"Were do you want me, Jackie?"
"At the gas station up the street, Maria."

Maria stops to think for a second...

"How do you know I live by a gas station?" She asks concerned. Jackie shakes his head on the other end, rolling his eyes- "Girl, Kevin is my boy...He had to drop something off to Amy one time, and I was in the car."

Maria is now putting on clothes...

"So you NEVER saw me...Not ONE time?"
"Naw," he answers- "Wish to high heaven I did."

Shes trying to do SOMETHING with her hair...

"And...You know were I live, huh?"
"Yea," he says-

Maria looks down the hallway at Amys door to see if she can see light under it- "Come over," she whispers.
"No," he quickly answers..."It aint fitting. It aint a good idea, Maria... Things happen."

From writer: Watch it, Maria...

"What do you think will happen, Jackie?"
"Something I ain't allow, Maria. I REALLY like you, and I ain't need nothing fouling that up."

Marias impressed...

"I didn't mean my bedroom, Jackie...I'll come outside. COME OVER. Call me when you get close."

"H*ll yea, I will"...

He parks up the street and calls-
She answers: "Were are you? I don't see your car."
He laughs: "Girl, I got a big block engine, and duals on this thing...I'll wake the whole dang neighborhood! Ill park up the street and walk down."

Jackie gets to the house and sees Maria in her bedroom window- She motions him to come and be quiet. She opens the window, and he helps her out...

She wraps her arms around his neck, as he holds her by the waist- They both smile, and stare at each other...

"Hi Jackie," she giggles...
"Hey Maria," he grins...

Maria stands on the tip of her toes, and kisses Jackie on the cheek...He kisses her back on the cheek and holds her tight...
"So, like, what ARE we?" Maria says in his chest-
He answers in her ear: "Whatever you want us to be, as long as Im with you."

Those times when you just want to be honest, and say how you feel...The emotions are true enough, but its too soon to be falling
out of orbit- Marias been down this road before, and she considers it best to keep quiet...

But we all know Jackie...
Hes as quiet as a rumor...

"Yea," she answers-
"How I get you to be my girl?"
She releases him, and climbs back through her window-
She returns with his hat, and puts it on him...
"You ask, baby"...
"Okay," he says fumbling around- "Maria, I like you something serious, and I was wondering"...


"Yes, Ill be your girl. I was your girl earlier today," she laughs quietly-
"Baby, I have to go...She turns and heads toward her window-
Jackie then remembers something: "Hey...Ill call you unblocked so you get my number down."
"Go ahead," she says...But I like when you come by- "Good night, baby"...
"Good night, Maria"...
"Goooood niiiiight, Jackie"...Amy says sing songy from Marias window smiling-

"Oh no," Maria says blushing as Amy helps her back into her bedroom...(To be continued...)

Chapter Eight: Never sign nothing by neon

"Okay then," Amy says smirking leaving Marias room.
"No, no, we're not going to do that, Amy...Its not what it looks like"-
"Sooo...You WERENT just outside in the middle of the night kissing the boy you SWEAR you hated?"
"Okay, it is what it looked like," Maria says smiling- "Waitaminute...WHAT are YOU doing up at this time, AND in my room?!"
"I was going to the restroom, and I saw your light on. I knocked, but NOW I know why you didnt answer...You was out there getting
it in with Jackie," Amy teases.
"Get out, Amy."
"See? You get yourself a bf, you kick people out of your room," Amy laughs as she leaves- Tomarrow, I want ALL the detes."
"I got you...We'll talk after I have lunch with my dad... Night Amy."
"See you later...One last thing"...
Maria rolls her eyes, cause she KNOWS Amy has ONE last joke-
"What, Amy?" Maria says in a dry tone-
"You do know this is like...Booty call hours, right? Just throwing that out there, in case you"...

Maria slams her bedroom door.

Keep in mind, this was in the middle of the night...
Its only a few hours till morning...
It doesnt matter though, Maria could barely sleep anyhow...
Her phone rings-

"Hey, baby? What are you going to do today?"
"Im fixing to work on the car for a spell...Whatre you gone do?"
"Yea, baby?"
"Come over."
"Give me a hot second."

Maria is getting dressed...She looks over and sees Grizzy-
"Dont look at me like that...I KNOW, okay?" She grabs him, and sits on the bed-
"Ugh, Im SO scared"...She sits him on the bed, and sings softly:

"Nothings right
when youre not near me
and if you can hear me,
run to me
dont catch your breath,
I inhale deeply
So when I say your name
I can keep it
close to me-
Nothings right
when youre not near me
and if you can hear me,
come to me"...

"I did," Jackie says from the window-
"Geez! Boy, dont do that! Maria says holding her heart startled..."Weres your car?!"
"Up the street...I just wanted to mess with you...You got a dang pretty voice on you."
Maria kisses him through the window, as Amy walks by her open bedroom door-
"OMG, is this a THING with you two?! Jackie, you know we got a front door!" Amy laughs, continuing to her room-
"Dang, Maria...You close the bar down last night, or something?" Jackie teases-"Look like you been up all night."
"I was," Maria strikes back...I was cheating on my boyfriend."

Jackie squints at her-

"I just wanted to see you. Im having lunch with my dad in about an hour."
"Welp, thats my que...Call me later." Jackie insists-

At a cafe, Maria and her dad catch up-

"So anything new, honey?" Her dad asks sipping his water- "No new guys?"

Maria remains quiet, but your parents KNOW you...

He sits up- "You meet a guy?! WHO is it? Tell me about him. He BETTER be"...
"Ugh, daaaaad"... Maria says resting her head in her hand- "REALLY?!"
"Cmon, Maria...We dont really talk anymore."
"Fiiiiiineee....His name is Jackie."
"Why does that name sound familiar?" Her dad ponders.
"I dont know," she continues- "I really like him...He has this car he likes to work on...You know about cars, and you work at
the auto parts store...Whats the big deal about a Chevelle?"

Her dads eyes grow big and his mood changes...

"JACKIE," He says..."Of course. Not every guy has a name like that, and not everybody has a car like that, hes bought parts at the store...
Wears a cowboy hat?"
Maria lights up- "YEAH! Thats him!"
"Oh." He says disappointed.
"Oh?" She Interrupts- "WHAT?"

"Honey...You remember Jose?"
"You mean Jose who only wanted ONE thing, dad?!"
"Well, what about Juan that works at the store? He has a good head on his shoulders, and"...
"Nothing...I just think you shouldnt ignore all these other guys, thats all...My neighbor Gloria has this son, Alejandro"...
"You know what dad," Maria says wiping her lips with a napkin and throwing it on the table- "Ive lost my apetite...I think I should go."
"Maria honey, I dont think youre hearing what Im saying CORRECTLY...I just mean"...
"No, DAD...I heard you loud and clear...THANKS FOR LUNCH!" Maria gets up, and storms out the cafe-

Maria makes it home, and Amy is sitting on the couch-

"Hey, how was lunch?"
"I dont want to talk about it, Amy...I just want to be alone, sorry"...

Maria slams her bedroom door.
(To be continued...)

Chapter Nine: Yellowjacket in the outhouse

Amy follows right behind, like the door was never closed...

"Girl, what happened?"
Maria is throwing everything around in her room looking for her headphones...

Theyre on your bed, Maria...

"MARIA!" Amy demands- "Whats going on?"
Maria plops on the side of her bed-
"My dad, Amy...I cant stand him sometimes"...
Amy sits next to Maria, and rubs her back- "What happened at lunch, Maria?"

"The TRUTH about my dad happened"...

Jackie already had problems coming up with a date to take Maria on, but things are going to go south...
He specially ordered a carburator from the auto parts store...Fine day for THIS...

"How are you? I got a special order to pick up...Names Jackie, please."

By the way, this is the Juan Marias dad was talking about working the register-
He and Marias dad were talking about the lunch ordeal not too long ago...

"Address?" Juan says rudely-
"Its 1327 Sycamore Lane, Suh."
Juan scoffs as he types in the address-
"Something funny, Suh?" Jackie asks, TRYING to be polite-
"No...Not at all...I just would NEVER live on Sycamore."
"Whats wrong with Sycamore?" Jackie says looking around, grinning in disbelief-
"Well, nothing. I mean, Im sure its fine if you grew up there...You look like you grew up in the hood."
Jackie clears his throat, and leans forward- "Lick that calf again, rookie?"
"NOTHING," Juan says staring him down- "I need to get a manager to sign off for your part...Excuse me."

No he doesnt...

Mr. Hernandez comes to the counter with the carburator-
"Name please?"

Jackie KNOWS this isnt right...But politeness goes a LONG way-

"It should be under "Jackie"...
Mr. Hernandez doesnt even type in the name-
"Jackie...As in, dating my daughter Maria, Jackie?"
"Oh, shoot!" Jackie smiles, takes off his hat and extends his hand- "Its good to know you, Suh...Im"...
Mr. Hernandez stares at Jackies hand-
"JACKIE," Mr Hernandez says through his teeth- "I KNOW. Ive heard about you."
"All good I hope," Jackie answers happily-
Marias dad sits the part down on the counter-
"Look, you might be a nice guy, but I dont think you dating my daughter is a good idea."
Jackie drops his hand- "Why not, Suh?"
"You two have NOTHING in common. Itll just be a struggle, plus, shes naive at times."
Jackie thinks about his words-
"I think shes really smart, and us having nothing in common works good for us."
"Okay, Ill just say it...I want my daughter to date someone more...HER TYPE."

Youre about to find out how much Jackie likes Maria...

"You aint say...Well, I just want her to be happy, and I aint want to get in the way of that"...
"Well, Im glad. So if you would just let her down easy, Id appreciate it." Mr Hernandez says smiling-
"I can do that, Suh"...
Jackie pulls out his phone, and calls Maria on speaker-
Maria answers-
"Hey baby! I was just about to call you! Listen, I got a problem"...
"Maria listen to me for a second, okay? I dont think this is working"...
"Whats not working, Jackie?"
"Us. We too different, and Im sorry for leading you on."
"Jackie, w-whats going on? You sound weird, and"...
"Im sorry, Maria"...
"What about all that sh*t you said?! You just LIED to me?! Thats really sh*tty of you! Ugh, I KNEW it!"
"Dont baby me! Tell me whats going on! Im nothing to you now?! What about when"...
"I got to go, Maria...Im sorry."
Jackie hangs up, trying to control himself-
Mr. Hernandez shakes his head- "Youre a true gentleman. She'll get over it. Dont worry about the carburator, its on me."

Jackie leaves the store...
Some girls cry, and want to be alone after a break up...
Then, there are those like Maria...

I'VE dated the type like Maria before...

Jackies phone rings in the car-

"WERE ARE YOU, JACKIE? You are the most"...
"Baby...Im on my way to your house, get dressed...

"Remember? I owe you a date"...(To be continued...)

Chapter Ten: Slick as a boiled onion

"Im not going anywere with you, Jaxson! We're not together anymore...You just broke up with me!"
Jackie is calmy driving to her house- "Baby, if you would let me explain...I jus"...
"Explain WHAT, Jackie?! How you played games with me? I cant BELIEVE I was so stupid to fall for this!
I REALLY like you Jackie- And I believed EVERYTHING you said...Did you even mean any of it?!"
"Maria, Im"...
"A LIAR?! NO SH*T Sherlock!"

Jackie can hear Maria tell Amy about what happened-
This keeps getting WORSE...

Maria returns to the phone-
"Dont call me anymore, okay?! Just forget it! I thought you were different!"
Jackies heart is breaking-
"Maria, Im"...
"Jackie...Just...DONT, okay...Youre not sorry, just leave me alone!"
Jackies annoyed now-
"Girl, would you let me get a word in?! Dang, you talk ten words a second with gusts to fifty! Im outside! I been trying to tell you,
I aint break up with you, I was standing in front of your dad! Now, come outside!"
Maria gets quiet- Then in a low, barely audible tone she says: "Im sorry, Jackie...Im SO sorry about my dad...Here I come"...
She comes outside to meet Jackie standing by his car-
She slowly walks up to him-
She stands in front of him not speaking...She softly touches his face...
"I get, if you never want to talk to me again, I get it....For what its worth, Im sorry about my dad, hes a jerk, and Im not like that"...
She turns and walks away-
"Girl, were you going? You aint hear too good, either...I just said I aint break up with you...I did that for him to stay off my hide...
She tries not to smile, and punches his arm-
"I hate you, Jackie."
"Apparently, so does your dad," Jackie laughs grabbing her and hugging her- "You ready to go?"
Maria breaks away- "What are we going to do about my dad?"
Jackie grins, getting his keys from his pocket- "Not tell him...Lets go."
Maria hops in the car- "Were are we going?"
"Youll see," Jackie says starting the car.
Maria looks at him, smiles and asks: "Do you really like me, Jackie?"
He leans over and kisses her- "More than you got mind of"...(To be continued...)

Chapter Eleven: Charge h*ll with a bucket of ice water

"Why you looking at me like that?" Jackie asks glancing over-
Maria takes a deep breath, as a smile escapes out...

Uh oh, Maria...I know THAT look...

"Nothing, baby"...As she quickly looks away out the window, "Youre just...I dont know...Youre different."
Jackie takes off his hat and sits it on the dash, as Maria grabs it and looks deeply at it-
"D*mnit!" She says disappointed in herself-
"What is it, Maria?"
Maria closes her eyes-

"Its happening, and I dont want it to."

Jackie makes a phone call to a pizza place...And orders five large pizzas-

"What do you need FIVE large pizzas for?" Maria asks terrified-
"Our date...You gone see...You trust me, aint it?

"Yea," she replies- "Thats the problem," she says under her breath-

He pulls up to the pizza place and picks up the pizzas...
Maria just stares at Jackie as he drives: THAT stare...Jackie grins, cutting his eyes back and forth from the road...
He reaches over, and holds her hand for a second-
She blushes...
They drive deeper into the inner city were Jackie is from, to a rec center-


As they walk in, there are small groups of kids every were in the gym-

"JACKIE!" They yell running toward him-
With a kid attached to each of his legs, his waist, and both arms, he laughs-
"Dang, yall act like yall aint seen me for the longest of times!"
Maria is taken back by the sight-
"This, baby, is were I done spent most of my time growing up. I aint have nothing, and I got in trouble alot. But I was always welcome here."
"Jaxson got into trouble all the time," one of the volunteers says smiling-
"JACKIE," he says rolling his eyes smiling-
"Its JAXSON to family," the volunteer replies. "Great seeing you. You doing okay?"
"I am, Mrs. Jenkins...This is my girlfriend, Maria."
"Nice meeting you," she smiles- You two come to help?"
Jackie looks at Maria...

And right HERE, is when Maria falls for Jackie...

"YES," Maria says pulling her hair into a ponytail-

The kids split up into boys and girls groups...Boys with Jackie, girls with Maria-
Maria watches Jackie play around, chasing the boys around the gym-
One falls and cries, and Jackie kneels down to hold him.
The whole time Maria spaces out, getting brought back to reality by questions from the girls-
They get into girl talk...One little girl tells Maria she has a secret- She whispers in Marias ear:
"I love somebody," she giggles-
Maria over exaggerates a gasp- "Girl, tell me...WHO?!"
"Jackie," the little girl insists- "Im going to marry him."
"Well, what if I want to marry him?" Maria says playing along-
"Nu uh, girl...Getcha OWN boyfriend!" The little girl laughs, as Maria chases her-

Jackie leaves out, and returns with the pizzas...Maria watches Jackie line the kids up, and puts a slice on each kids plate-
Mrs. Jenkins walks up with a piece of pizza, and stands next to Maria-
"Those thoughts you have, honey"...Mrs Jenkins says smiling- "Might get you into trouble."
Maria puts up a front: "What thoughts?"
Mrs. Jenkins laughs, "Im a woman, Maria...You know what I mean."

Jackie and Maria help clean up, and say goodbye to the kids-
The whole drive back Maria listens intently to Jackie go on about the kids...
How excited he was to see them...

Maria looks out of the window, watching building lights blur into a daydream-

He pulls up to her house. He gets out, opens her door, and walks her to her front door-
"Thanks for helping today...Guess it wasnt much of a date. I go down there this time every week, I wanted to show
you some of me, I guess."
"Its was perfect, Jackie." Maria whispers-
They kiss goodnight, as Maria floats inside-
Maria shuts the door and leans against it-
Amy is sitting on the couch, and looks at Maria...

"Uh oh"...Amy smiles, and turns back to the tv-

Maria quickly swings the door back open, and runs out to Jackie...She grabs him, and kisses him...
Holding him, as if hes never coming back...
She releases him...
Jackie is shocked- "Girl, you okay? You seem like"...
She kisses him again deeply, as she holds the back of his neck-
Jackie is short of breath, and his heart is beating out of his chest-
"Yea?" He whispers-
Maria pulls him close to her, and whispers holding him tightly:
"I love you"...(To be continued...)

Chapter Twelve: If the creek don't rise

Maria runs back into the house, before Jackie can say a word...As she shuts the door all she sees is a stunned, smiling, Jackie... She leans against the door...

And panics.
Amy is sitting on the couch covering her mouth, eyes bigger than Earth-

"Girl, WHAT did you DO?!" Amy squeals- "You...Y-You didnt!"
Maria covers her mouth also- "Amy...I did"...
"NO!" Amy screams- "Oh, my...What are you going to do?! You can't tell a guy that this soon!"
"Amy, don't you think I know th"...

Marias phone rings-

"AHH!" They both yell-
"Should I answer it?" Maria asks staring at Amy and glancing at the phone in her hand-
"NO! Maria come here- You shouldn't have said ANYTHING, you're going to scare him off!"

The phone stops ringing, then there's a knock at the door-

Maria whispers: "Sh*t, Amy...Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t"...
Amy whispers back: "Don't answer it"...

Jackie yells laughing from the other side of the door-

"Yall REALLY think I ain't know yall in there?! Alright, fine...Maria you call me, girl"...Then he leaves.
Maria falls onto the couch next to Amy, covering her face with her hands- "Oh noooo, Amy...
Hes going to think Im psycho, or clingy or something...Hes just different...And you didnt see him with those kids!"
Maria dramatically falls over on the couch- "UGH!"
"WHAT are you going to do?!" Amy asks still covering her mouth-
Maria shakes her head, then slaps her forehead- "I dont knooow...This is bad, right? BAD. AND my dad is a total jerk about ALL of this"...
"This is Bullsh*t, Amy...Im going to bed"...

Maria falls onto her bed face down in her pillow-

"MmmmmGmmmmmmm," she rolls over- "Im SO dumb right now, Mr Grizzy...I told that boy I loved him...
Its too soon"...

She stares at the bear beside her, and sings quietly- Not to disturb Amy...

"Its too soon
for you to be walking around in my head
and sleeping with my emotions like its our bed
I kiss the memory of you every morning when I awake
and Ill wait
as long as it takes, and I dont care if the Earth tears apart
it hurts my heart every second when we're apart
and thats not the worst part-
The worst part is,
I gave you a walk through in my mind, and showed you
were my heart is
and I co signed for you...
I signed on the dotted line, for you to move in
too soon...

Its too soon
for you to move into my frame
and for it to tremble at the sound of your name
or for it to speak for me every time Im near you-
I fear you
will hurt me, and desert me,
while I go through withdrawal, because after all, this is all
my fault
cause I allowed this too early...

Its too soon
for you to take a glimpse into my soul
to take control, and know how to console me,
and hold me like you know me

when you dont...
Just go...
Im sorry...
But its too soon"...

Maria cries herself to sleep- (To Be Continued...)

Chapter Thirteen: Low enough to jump off a dime

Maria has been avoiding Jackie...
For a couple of days...
Jackie gives up, and considers this a hint. When girls avoid guys, it could mean a number of things...
When guys do it,
it means ONE thing...

"He stopped calling, Amy...He NEVER quits anything...Its one of the reasons I like him."
The two sit in the living room of their apartment eating takeout- Even Amy is concerned...
"Maria, youve got to call him, hes broken up with you."
Maria sits her spork down and leans forward in her chair, and exhales-
"Amy, what did I do?! I just got scared"...She removes her glasses and rubs her eyes- "Im such a b*tch...
Okay, okay," she says waving her hands frantically, pointing at her phone on the table- "Im going to call him."
Amy hands Maria the phone and cringes-
Maria dials his number-
No answer.
"Omg, hes SO stubborn," Maria rolls her eyes, tossing the phone-
She sits quietly, and looks at Amy- "I have to go over there."
"What?! Amy yelps coughing on her grape fanta- "You already look psycho, youre just going to pop up?"
"What am I suppose to do, Amy? I ran him off, he wont talk to me, and I love him... I HAVE to."
Maria drives over to Jackies house- She can see his feet poking out from under his car-
"Dang!" Jackie yells- "Somebody hand me a flathead!"
Maria looks at the toolbox, grabs the first screwdriver she sees, and lays it beside him-
He reaches over- "This a dang phillips! If aint nobody gone help me, then Im fixing"...
He rolls off from under the car and sees Maria-
"Im busy, Maria...And Im sure you are too," he says rolling back under the car.
Marias heart drops- "Jackie...Cmon"
Jackie gets off from under the car-
"Cmon, what? Why you here, Maria? You aint talk to me in like two days...Aint nothing wrong with you...Folks done seen you."
Maria tries to calm her panic-
"Im sorry, Jackie...I freaked out, and"...
Jackie pushes out a short laugh in disbelief- "And decided to make me feel low enough to jump off a dime."
"Jackie...I love you"...
"Aint so, Maria...You got ways of not showing it."
Maria stares in the air to blink back tears- "Dont do this to me, Jackie"...
Jackie squints and stares at Maria like he doesnt understand her-
"Dont do this to YOU, Maria? You aint got no mind how you avoiding me made me feel? It was cute the first day, it aint the second."
"I SAID, Im sorry Jackie...I love you...Just say it back...Please?"
Jackie wipes his hands on a rag, and looks down the street-
"I got work to do, Maria...I reckon you do the same."
Maria moves closer to him- "Cmon, Jackie...Right?..I mean, CMON?"
"Maria," Jackie says stepping back- "I think we aint mix right."
Maria aggressively moves forward- "We mix FINE, Jackie...We're just different."
"That aint mean nothing to me, but it means ALOT to you...On grounds how you treat me."
Maria folds her arms, and tilts her head- "HOW do I treat you, Jaxson?"
"Like Im a hound, that answer to you when you call me."
Maria is SHOCKED- "I cant believe you think of me like that, Jaxson," she says shaking her head-
"How else to think, Maria? You aint treat those other boys like this."
Maria moves in attempt to get in Jackies face for eye contact -
"WHAT other boys, Jaxson?!"
"The kind like you...The kind you aint got to put work into...Like you got to put work into me."
"Is that what you think of me, Jackie? Cause youre different, I dont have respect for you?"
Jackie just stares at Maria in silence-
Maria exhales- "Okay."

She walks away slow enough to be stopped by him...And tears swell up...

When he doesnt.

The sound of the screen door slamming, is a d*mning fate-

She starts the car and drives home.

As soon as she walks in, Amy doesnt need to ask questions about what happened.

She falls into Amys arms, and breaks in two...

(To be continued...)

Chapter fourteen: Sent for and couldnt go

"Maria...Seriously...You gotta get out the house...Its been days."

"Why should I Amy? Im just going to run into HIM, and some girl hes met...Hes probably out there with her right now. Taking her to
the Rec center, flirting with her with that STUPID drawl of his"...

Maria mimics Jackie-

"Im Jackie, and I do what I dang please- Come h*ll or high water, aint nobody gone stop me...I do what I want, when I want, how
I want, and yall fixing to get ready! Blah, blah, blah, blah- DANG! Ugh...I cant stand that sh*t"...

Amy leans back shocked-

"Oh...But when you two were together, it was the cutest thing"-

Amy mimics Maria-

"Oh, you should hear him...Its so cute sometimes, I counted how many times he says dang in a sentence...Jackie this, and Jackie that"...
"Get out of my room, Amy"...
"No," Amy snaps- "Not until you get out of this house...And take a d*mn shower!"
Maria starts to level off-
"Amy, I-I cant...You didnt see him...He was serious. He doesnt want to be with me anymore, I screwed up."
Amy sits beside Maria-
"So, what? You move on. Kevin has other friends. We're going out tonight, come with us."
Maria turns over in her bed-
"I dont think thats a good idea. Ill just stay here, and"...
Amy cuts her off and pulls her arm, leading Maria out of her bed-
"GET UP!" We're going! And wear something HOT, I know just the guy for you."
"Fine," Maria says dragging herself into the bathroom-
"You sure about this, Amy?"
"Girl, yea...Its going to be a night youll never forget"...
(To be continued...)

Chapter Fifteen: Draw

Kevin arrives to pick the girls up...
Kevins friend is in the backseat...
"Hey girls, this is Cory," Kevin says grinning- "We go WAY back."
Maria leans in to Amy and whispers- "Sooo...Hes NOT going to get out the car?! JACKIE wouldve"...
Amy elbows Maria in the rib, and says out of the side of her mouth- "Be nice...PLEASE."
They get in as Cory grins arrogantly- "So youre Maria, huh? You JUST stepped your game up...Heard you was dating

By the way, Jackie and Cory cant stand the sight of each other....They had a falling out last year-

"I must HAVENT," Maria barks- "JACKIE wouldve noticed my dress."
"MARIA!" Amy snaps from the front seat- "P.L.E.A.S.E."
"Oh yea"...Cory says looking Maria over, rubbing his face as he grins like a wolf- "I like how it fits back there, heh"...
"FITS WERE, BOY?!" As Maria winds up-
"You got a nice little thing back there...I like how it sits in that dress," Cory says looking out the window.
Maria pulls out her phone and texts Amy:
-> Im fixing to f**k him up
Amy responds:
<- LOL "fixing?"
Maria then smiles in an onery way, and says: "Yea, FIX-ING... FIX-ING, as in how my boyfriend says, and FIXING as in
how I let my trampy bestfriend FIX me up with this reject rapper."

Everyone in the car forces back laughter...Except, Cory of course-

They arrive at a resturaunt, but noone notices the Chevelle parked under a tree in the back of the parking lot...
Except, Maria of course-
And shes grinning bigger than that cat in Alice in Wonderland-

"Youre right, Amy"...Maria whispers- This IS going to be a night Ill never forget," as she points to the Chevelle and fixing her hair
on the way in to the resturaunt.
"Sh*t!" Amy yells, but Maria grabs her by the arm-
"Whats wrong?" Kevin says looking back at the girls with Cory-
"Nothing!" Amy squeaks out-
"Thanks for helping me get my boyfriend back, Amy"...As Maria smiles and kisses her on the cheek...

Amy looks as scared as a hen with a mongoose loose-

They all get seated as Maria swivels her head around the resturaunt-
Amys eyes are HUGE, as she kicks Marias leg under the table-
Maria uses her hands to form the shape of a hat. Then mouths: "Im looking for his hat"...

The boys are looking at the girls with their eyes squinted...

"You two OKAY?" Kevin asks-
Jackie comes from the restroom and heads toward the bar to pick up a take out order-
He grabs the bag, laughs, and plays around with the bartender for a second before leaving out.
Amy cant help but smile, as she notices how Maria looks at him...Then the smile fades-
Amy kicks Marias leg under the table-
"Ow!" yelps Maria..."What?!"

Amy then mouths to Maria:


Maria smiles and darts out the resturaunt as the boys looked puzzled-
Kevin looks at Amy and opens his mouth to say something, only to get interrupted by Amy signaling with her
finger to form a "hush" sign...

Jackie is fumbling with his keys in the parking lot as Maria runs out-
"Jaxson!" she screams-
Jackie sees Maria and looks in the air- "We aint gone have at this now, Maria...I aint in the mood."
"But I AM," Maria says walking up. "So THIS is you, Jaxson?!"
"Jackie takes his hat off, and sits it on the roof of the car- "Girl, what you talking about?"
"I thought you was a rough ol' boy, Jackie...Yea...First sign of a problem you got the h*ll out of dodge...
B-But youre DIF-FE-RENT, Maria taunts with air quotes-
"I aint got, or aint gone make- No time for this, Maria...Find somebody else to toy with...You aint got the MAKINGS
to deal with me. Between the type of guys you do dealings with, and your dad hating my a**, you just gone and simplify your
life. You aint gone put the work in to make something like us work, so I bid you adeu, d*mnit."

Jackie grabs his hat and food, sits it in the passenger seat, and gets in. Then puts his key in the ignition-
"NOPE." Maria says as she runs up and takes the keys from the ignition-
"You aint going NOWERE. I dont know if its your confidence Im attracted to, or if theres a FINE line in between that and being
an a**hole you balance well."
Jackie gets out of the car- "Both. Girl give me my keys."
Maria then drops the keys in her bra- "Come and get them," she grins in victory.
"You CANT," Maria teases- "Cause youre a good boy...But that d**k in the resturaunt would have his paws ALL
on me, by now."
"Is THIS a game to you, Maria? Is THAT funny?! And youre on a DATE?! I got half a mind to get the car towed! THANKS for
making me feel alien, and poking fun at my dealings."

Marias face gets serious- "I never said you were wrong"...

Fine timing for Marias dad to pull up to pickup lunch for the people at work-

Marias dad walks up and sees the frustration on both of their faces-

"Whats going on here? I thought we talked about this...THIS was a bad idea, remember?" Mr Hernandez says looking
Jackie up and down and grabbing Marias arm-
Maria snatches her arm away- "NOTHING, D.A.D...Im just arguing with my B.O.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D...WE never talked about ANYTHING, YOU did! Im NOTHING like YOU, just leave us the f**k alone!"

Jackie shakes his head- "You cant talk to him like that, Maria...Hes still your dad"...
Mr Hernandez glares in confusion at Jackie-
"WHAT?! Youre on HIS side?! Do you even know WHY he doesnt like you?!" Maria screams-
"Yea...I got wind of it. He aint the first, nor last, to hate my a**...Its alright. It aint change the way mustard taste, though...He can hate me all he want, as long as I aint do the same- And when the rooster crows, he'll still be your dad...Are you starting to see what Im talking about?
You aint get ME...This is why I said you aint want to put the work in TO get me. Im fixing to call a cab."
Jackie nods at Marias dad but Mr. Hernandez refuses to hold eye contact in shame, as Jackie walks away on his phone-
Maria begins to cry and yells at Jackie- "I never said you were wrong!"

The boys come out of the resturaunt, and Jackie sees Cory-
"See, Maria...Looks like you done found somebody easier to get along with."
Maria runs up to Jackie and stands in front of him- "Then how come Im here with YOU, and not getting along
with HIM?"
Cory scoffs, "WOW, Okay...You aint all that noway, you just got a nice a**. Theres PLENTY fish out here."
Mr Hernandez steps forward, but gets stopped by Maria- He then looks at Jackie, and says:
"Are you going to let him talk to your girlfriend like that?"
Jackie steps forward- "I aint, Suh...Cory, I BEEN waiting for an excuse to"...But Maria smiles and stops Jackie as well-
The cab pulls up, and Cory flips them both off-
"This is lame, Im out. Thanks for calling me a cab."
Maria kisses Jackie on the cheek-
"Come in for a quick glass of iced tea or something."
As the cab drives off, they all walk back into the resturaunt...Mr Hernandez pats Jackie on the shoulder behind them.
While they sit at the table, Jackie smiles at Maria-
"I love you, you know that ain't it? Now give me my keys"...
Maria kisses at him and says: "Come and get them."

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#13. Chapter Thirteen: Low enough to jump off a dime
ID #979758 entered on March 31, 2020 at 1:05am
#12. Chapter Twelve: If the creek dont rise
ID #978058 entered on March 14, 2020 at 12:11am
#11. Chapter Eleven: Charge h*ll with a bucket of ice water
ID #977157 entered on March 4, 2020 at 10:37pm
#10. Chapter Ten: Slick as a boiled onion
ID #976770 entered on March 2, 2020 at 1:35am
#9. Chapter Nine: Yellowjacket in the outhouse
ID #976758 entered on March 1, 2020 at 10:05pm
#8. Chapter Eight: Never sign nothing by neon
ID #976438 entered on February 27, 2020 at 1:22am
#7. Chapter Seven: Trouble this way comes
ID #976199 entered on February 24, 2020 at 1:01am
#6. Chapter Six: Nose wide open
ID #975468 entered on February 13, 2020 at 7:08pm
#5. Chapter Five: "Tornado on a trail drive"
ID #975184 entered on February 9, 2020 at 10:31pm
#4. Chapter Four: A rock and a hard place
ID #974950 entered on February 6, 2020 at 12:01am
#3. Chapter Three: A good day to die
ID #974650 entered on February 1, 2020 at 12:13am
#2. Chapter Two: No good deed goes unpunished
ID #974450 entered on January 28, 2020 at 2:26pm
#1. Chapter One: Grizzy
ID #974261 entered on January 26, 2020 at 6:54pm

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