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A collection of Stories about the Nascent Queen
Silvery Flowers
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Vacant Lover 0.77k
Chapter 2 The White Tale 0.25k
Chapter 3 Male of Angels 0.30k
Chapter 4 The Returns Consort 1.01k
Chapter 5 The Snow of The Worlds 0.35k
Chapter 6 Destruction in The Trainer 0.18k
Chapter 7 Ragged Kiss 0.21k
Chapter 8 The No Crying 0.28k
Chapter 9 Wizard of Thorns 0.12k
Chapter 10 Absent Dreamer 0.18k
Chapter 11 The Blue Academy 1.36k
Chapter 12 Destiny of Flower 0.95k
Chapter 13 The Name's Flower 0.30k
Chapter 14 The Night of the Voyages 0.60k
Chapter 15 Roses in the Butterfly 0.70k
Chapter 16 Absent Death 0.13k
Chapter 17 The Slithering Son 0.37k
Chapter 18 Misty Crying 0.26k
Chapter 19 Lonely Wizard 0.41k
Chapter 20 Some Heart 0.31k
Chapter 21 The Third Hunter 0.32k
Chapter 22 Bride Of Silver 0.23k
Chapter 23 The Emperors Thief 0.20k
Chapter 24 Soul In The Silk 0.15k
Chapter 25 The Thoughts Of The Slaves 0.34k
Chapter 26 Missing Fire 0.31k
Chapter 27 the Stolen Door 0.36k
Chapter 28 Tales of Ring 0.21k
Chapter 29 Healers Flowers 0.17k
Chapter 30 The Shard of the Angels 0.37k
Chapter 31 The Slave In The Stone 0.33k
Chapter 32 The Kissing Weeping 0.12k

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