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Finishing Touches and Final Strokes in one edition.
Finishing Touches

Jenna Rhodes escaped her mother's idea of a successful, elite life with an early marriage to an unknown artist, but her husband's eventual success has catapulted her into the midst of another world in which she feels she doesn't belong. Now, in her early twenties, she finds herself alone with a young baby and fighting against her overwhelming artistic desires. With memories of the past and the rekindling of an old friendship, Jenna struggles to find her own world. Rejecting her impulses becomes impossible, though, when a handsome magnetic force begins to pull at her spirit.

Final Strokes

The Jenna Rhodes, as she is known in Chicago art circles due to her former husband's fame, has set up her life the way she wants it, with a burgeoning career and her artist boyfriend at her side. Somewhere during the constant commotion of raising children and juggling job responsibilities, the two painters with different styles find they also have far different visions of the future. Their separate choices and Jenna's lingering resentments from the past, mixed with an intense draw toward her hometown area of Peoria, push them to the far corners of their combined canvas.

All art is personal. All life is art. The gallery.

LK Hunsaker
Elucidate Publishing 2013
ISBN 978-0-9825299-7-3


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Original item info for Final Strokes, sequel to the Gallery follows. Excerpts posted are drafts, not from the final book, and are only available to registered WDC members. Yes, it did finally take 10 years to have the sequel done and out.

Readers have asked for a sequel to Finishing Touches, so when I signed up for NaNoWriMo November 2004, I decided it would be a good chance to start one. I began with the vaguest idea of a plot and just began typing - not the way I typically work.

I didn't reach 50,000 words, but I did get to 30,120, and I'm pleased with that. I'm also enjoying where the characters are taking me in their story, and I thank those who put the idea of doing a sequel in my head.

Remember, this is a first draft - not at all edited or polished! The chapters will likely be rearranged during editing stages.

Jan 05: I am again jumping into this for the "Invalid Item challenge! Maybe I can fill in the rest of the beginning so I can start posting the middle!

Apri 05: I've changed this to be accessible only to the Resolution Solution group for rewrite month. My goal is to make major revisions so it actually begins to read as a novel and not just streams of info from my head. *Wink*

Rewritten chapters all begin with "RW"

Chapter 1 of Finishing Touches is in my port:

Finishing Touches (2003)  (ASR)
Jenna, alone with a young baby, searches for a path and fights against artistic desires.
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