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This irregular contest will change each time it's posted. Poetry? Horror story? Whatever.
This is a Whatever text image for my Whatever Contest.

Be sure to click the Plus button (computer's upper right corner) on this contest so you can find it again! *Wink*

This contest will be different each time I post it--different genre, different prompt, different rules, different requirements, etc., depending on my mood and schedule. *Bigsmile* It's best to click my Plus sign so you can easily keep up with me. Schnujo Wishes WdC Happy B'day That way, when I advertise this contest, you will see it on your newsfeed, assuming you are checking it around that time. *Wink* If you see a Plus sign by my name, that means you have not clicked it before. I recommend clicking it twice (for the megaphone) to become a Fan so you appear on my Fans list because occasionally I send all my fans GPs, MBs, whatever. *Wink*



This prompt is in celebration of my promotion to Moderator! Blue what? Blue whatever. But your item must start shocked/surprised/etc., then turn to dark/horror/fear/scary/etc., then end excited/happy/successful/etc.

Basically, it reflects how most (all?) of us felt when we discovered we were promoted to Moderator. *Laugh*

Remember to check the rules as they will change each time

*Starv* Type: Anything goes this time around--poetry, short story, essay, whatever

*Starv* Length: Poetry--15-30 lines, Short Story/Essay/Other--500-1000 words

*Starv* Rating: Whatever

*Starv* Deadline: Saturday, October 10, exactly 1 month after we got the promotion notification. *Bigsmile*

*Starv* Entry: Post your entry in your preferred format bitem {bitem:XXXXXXX}, item {item:XXXXXXX}, or entry {entry:XXXXXXX} (for book/blog entries only) The X's indicate the item number of your entry, found near the top of your item, under the title and your name. Note that this contest is rated 13+ so ensure your title (and description if posting a bitem entry) follow that content rating.

*Starv* New or Used: This round only allows newly written entries.

*Starv* Edits: Allowed until the deadline

*Starv* Prizes: This round every entry will receive 1000 GPs. The winner(s) will receive 10,000 GPs. Number of winners depends on the number and quality of entries. Additional prizes and prizes below 10k may also be given out, depending on whatever. *Laugh*

*Starv* Number of Entries: This round you may enter up to 3 entries for up to 3k GPs total. *Bigsmile*

*Starv* Judging: Depending on the number of each type of entry, different types of entries might be judged separately or together. If there are 3 entries, 2 poems and a short story, they will be judged together. If there are 12 poems, 9 short stories, and 8 essays, they will be judged in 3 separate categories. Things considered in judging include how well the prompt was followed, spelling, grammar and punctuation (if you are a non-native speaker, please note that for the judges consideration), creativity, interest, etc.

*Starv* Judges: Judging this round will definitely be done by Schnujo Wishes WdC Happy B'day, but all the new Moderators are invited to judge or enter (or both if there are enough entries for you to judge a different category than the one you entered).

This first round of this contest is dedicated to the new Moderators--Emily, 💙 Carly - BLUE!!💙, Shaye, Lilli ☕, ChocoHuf-flepuff, Jayne no idea what I'm bluing, 💎GeminiGem💎, and Roseille ♥. You may choose to judge, enter, both, or just ignore this whole thing. *Laugh*

No promises, but exceptional entries may be nominated for "The Quill Awards. You are encouraged to nominate entries of all sorts from all over WdC. Use the following nomination form. "2020 Nomination Form for Quill Awards

*Shamrock* GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE! *Shamrock*

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