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This irregular contest will change each time it's posted. Poetry? Horror story? Whatever.

Image for the Whatever Contest


This is a Whatever text image for my Whatever Contest.

Be sure to click the Plus button (computer's upper right corner) on this contest so you can find it again! *Wink*

This contest will be different each time I post it--different genre, different prompt, different rules, different requirements, etc., depending on my mood and schedule. *Bigsmile*

It's best to click my Plus sign so you can easily keep up with me. Schnujo *Left* That way, when I advertise this contest, you will see it on your newsfeed, assuming you are checking it around that time. *Wink*

If you see a Plus sign by my name, that means you have not clicked it before. I recommend clicking it twice (for the megaphone) to become a Fan so you appear on my Fans list because occasionally I send all my fans GPs, MBs, whatever. *Wink*


There are 2 prompts for December. You may write 2 items for each prompt and I will give you 10k each for a total of 40k this month. I've written the prompts so you can easily copy and paste each into your item (a contest request).

Write a story about Mr. and Mrs. Claus first meeting, going on a date, falling in love, or getting married.
Written for "The Whatever Contest." {e:Right} {item:2232242}

Word/Line Count:

Create a different holiday to be celebrated in December. Explain the purpose, traditions, etc.
Written for "The Whatever Contest." {e:Right} {item:2232242}

Word/Line Count:

(Copy and paste everything above in bold blue into your item for submission. The ML code will appear correctly after you Save.)

This trinket is courtesy of Richard ~ The Mad Trinketeer! Thank you!

Remember to check the rules as they will change each time

*Starv* Type: Short story or essay this round

*Starv* Length: 1000 words max

*Starv* Rating: Whatever

*Starv* Deadline: Thursday, December 31 at 11:59 pm WdC time Late Entries

*Starv* Entry: Post Bitem, Item, or Entry

*Starv* New or Used: New items this round

*StarV* Include Prompt, Contest, Word/Line Count/Format: Copy the Prompt Section into Your Item

*Starv* Font Size:You will not be disqualified, but it is greatly appreciated if your item is in 3.5 or 4 sized font.

*Starv* Edits: Allowed until the deadline

*Starv* Prizes: This round every entry will receive 10,000 GPs. The winner(s) will receive 10,000 GPs and usually The Whatever Contest 25k awardicon.

*Starv* Number of Entries: This Round Allows 4 Entries/Participant

*Starv* Judging: See Dropnote for Judging Notes

*Starv* Judge(s): Schnujo

No promises, but exceptional entries may be nominated for "The Quill Awards. You are encouraged to nominate entries of all sorts from all over WdC. Use the following nomination form. "2020 Nomination Form for Quill Awards

NOTE: Occasionally I might offer a prompt that might be too personal to write for the public. In that case, I'll be offering free GPs (probably extra GPs for your "pain and suffering") to anyone who participates, but on the honor system. To help with the honor system, those items will be offered to be written privately only to people who have participated at least 3 times in the last rolling 12 months.
On Your Honor Submissions

Past and Present Participants, Prompts, Winners, and Judges

*Shamrock* GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE! *Shamrock*

Making all Badges and Awardicons count

Please let us know if we forget to give you your GPs or if we inadvertently give you a MB or awardicon too soon! CRs matter to us!

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