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This irregular contest will change each round. Nature poem? Horror story? Whatever.

Closes June 30, 2022

Image for the Whatever Contest


This is a Whatever text image for my Whatever Contest.

Be sure to click the Plus button (computer's upper right corner) on this contest so you can find it again! *Wink*
Click until you see the megaphone. Sometimes I reward my contest's fans! *Bigsmile*

This contest will be different each time I post it--different genre, different prompt, different rules, different requirements, etc., depending on my mood and schedule. *Bigsmile*

It's best to click my Plus sign so you can easily keep up with me. Schnujo *Left* That way, when I advertise this contest, you will see it on your Newsfeed, assuming you are checking it around that time. *Wink*

If you see a Plus sign by my name, that means you have not clicked it before. I recommend clicking it twice (for the megaphone) to become a Fan so you appear on my Fans list because occasionally I send all my fans GPs, MBs, whatever. *Wink*


Send out heartfelt MBs (merit badges) to the following people...
Lilli ☕️
Elle (she/her)
A friend of your own choosing
A stranger of your own choosing
(Please specify when posting in the forum if you sent that MB to a friend or stranger.)

How Do I Send a Merit Badge?

The ML code is the item alias, {item:whatever}
Do not just write, "The Whatever Contest."

I'm having you send a MB to me because May is my anniversary month and I'm starting this in May. I'm having you send to Lilli ☕️, Jayne, and Elle (she/her) for all they have done to keep "The Quills running. Lilli ☕️ just took over and I'm very grateful! You can send a MB to them for any reason, not just Quills. Quills is just why they are on the list.

The friend and reason you choose is totally up to you.

The stranger and reason you choose is totally up to you, but here are some suggestions...You love their response to 3 Word Thursday (on the Newsfeed), they wrote a great chapter in an interactive, you really enjoyed something in their port, they are new, you saw a post on the Community Newsfeed where they mentioned news (good or bad), etc.
(Remember to go to the Community Newsfeed, click Newsfeed to get to your Personal Newsfeed, then "View the Community Newsfeed" along the top of your Personal Newsfeed to get to the Community Newsfeed.)

You can send any MB you would like. To be fair, exclusive MBs don't earn brownie points with judges...but they do with the recipients, of course. *Wink*

You will get 15k per entry, even if it was your free MB for the month. 12 entries max--2 entries per person. The friend and stranger entries can be the same person or different.

To clarify, that's 2 MBs for me, 2 for Lilli ☕️, 2 for Jayne, 2 for Elle (she/her), 2 for any friend(s) you choose (may be the same friend or 2 different friends), and 2 for any stranger(s) you choose (may be the same stranger or 2 different strangers). All MBs must count for CRs, including friend and stranger MBs. You can send them to different friends and strangers if you prefer not to wait to send them, but for me, Lilli, Jayne, and Elle, you must wait the required time for the CRs to count before sending us the 2nd one.

What does that mean? If you see a red notification on the final page before submitting saying you sent them a MB recently, it won't count. You must wait 14 days and 1 minute (or 15 days to be easy) for each MB to qualify! CRs (Community Recognition--the number by your name) are important to most community members and we care, too. We will be verifying MBs counted for CRs! You can only send 1 MB to the same person every 2 weeks, but you can send as many MBs as you want to as many people as you want at any time and they will all count for CRs, so long as they are different people.

Remember to check the rules as they will change each time

*Starv* Type: Heartfelt Merit Badge
* See the "How Do I Send a Merit Badge" dropnote under the Prompt for sending instructions
* See the example under Entry for posting instructions
* See the "How Do I Edit a Merit Badge" dropnote under Edits for editing instructions
* Merit Badges cost 10k. Contact Adherennium if you need GPs to send the MB.

*Starv* Length: 500 characters max but must include a link to the contest, "The Whatever Contest using the code {item:whatever}.

*Starv* Rating: Rated E

*Starv* Deadline: JUNE 30, 2022 at 11:59 pm WdC time Late Entries

*Starv*Entry: Post {badge:######} in the forum with the badge number replacing the #'s and you will post the badge. Here's an example.

Merit Badge in Judging
[Click For More Info]

Thank you for judging the April round of  [Link To Item #whatever]  for National Poetry Month!

*Starv* New or Used: New items this round

*Starv* Font Size:You will not be disqualified, but it is greatly appreciated if your item is in 3.5 or 4 sized font.

*Starv* Edits: Allowed until the deadline. Edits after the deadline are at your own risk as I will judge when I judge, regardless of your edit status after the deadline.
How Do I Edit a Merit Badge?

*Starv* Prizes: This round every entry will receive 15,000 GPs. The first place winner(s) will receive 15,000 GPs and usually The Whatever Contest 25k awardicon. There must be at least 5 entries for the selected prompt in order to earn the awardicon.

*Starv* Number of Entries: This Round Allows 12 Entries/Participant

*Starv* Judging: See Dropnote for Judging Notes

*Starv* Judge(s): Majestic moose and Ben

*StarV* Judging will be completed...eventually. No promises for a timeline, but we will strive to complete judging before the following contest round ends. Extended waits may result in Apology GPs being given to entrants. *Bigsmile*

Past and Present Participants, Prompts, Winners, and Judges

*Shamrock* GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE! *Shamrock*

Making all Badges and Awardicons count

Please let us know if we forget to give you your GPs or if we inadvertently give you a MB or awardicon too soon! CRs matter to us!

Be sure to check out my challenge at

The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
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