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Jul 11, 2006 at 2:23pm
Drynt- World of Nightmares
by Virgo
"Computer, set a 5XLS course for Drynt." Chrysth said, tapping a blank panel lighting squares of light across the top.

"5X? Why so slow?" Computer asked.

"I'd like to get out of the scanning range of INS as soon as possible, 5X is the most convenient." Chrysth replied, "Without running the risk of looking to suspicious to other planets."

Computer sighed, "Yes Chrysth." Coordinates flashed across the screen alighting on several, "Optimum choices, Chrysth."

"Where is... I want that one." He pointed to an unlit one.

"But, that one has spacial pirates, all sorts of dangers are there..."

"Computer, did I ask for diagnostics?"


"Then don't give it to me. Set that course, and contact me if we run into anything." Chrysth stood, undoing his seatbelt, "Put it on auto."

"Yes sir." The computer sighed, the chirpyness gone from its voice.


Chrysth dropped to Deck 2, sleeping quarters for anyone who asked, and removed his battle robe, throwing it over his bed, the deflectors on his ankle and wrist came next and his mail, then his long-sleeved shirt and gloves. He growled, pulling out his dresser and setting it down to unfold against the wall and sat at the desk, yanking off the CommBracelet, they came standard with everyone, so, logically... he pried open the back and shifted through it, plucking out the small locator device and crushing it. He stood, only half-aware of his partial nudity and placed the bracelet back in order and back on his wrist, "Computer, activate 7XLS." He called.

"Yes Chrysth."

"Trine." He spoke to his Comm.

"Yes?" Her voice was tired, "Blesser Chrysth?"

"There's a tracking device in the Comm, please remove it as soon as possible." He braced himself as he felt the 7X kick in.

"There is?" Trine asked as Chrysth reappeared on the main deck.

"Yes." He stated, flicking a few more switches and the deck window closed, sensing eyes on him, he stood straight, "Something wrong?" He turned, seeing Zalla staring at him from the hall.

"N... no." She blushed and looked away, "Is... is there somewhere to sleep?"

"Below deck, there are rooms there." He said, going back to checking the diagnostics of his ship.

"Chrysth, perhaps you can remove this devil of a thing, but I... I..." Trine paused next to Zalla, blinking.


Trine was flabbergasted, she had never, never, seen the stoic Blesser outside of his robes, not even in his rooms, he was always fully clothed, from his boots to his gloves, never like... this!

He was tall, lean and well-trimmed, a tattoo, well two tattoos, were displayed on his back, white and pristine, the wings on his back were perfect, down to the detail on the feathers, folded and neat, his hair falling between them like a white waterfall. His hands were delicate, almost feminine, but his nails were black, but not with varnish it looked like, it seemed like they grew that way.

"Chrysth?" She asked, stepping closer to him.

He glanced her way, acknowledging her prescence.

"I can't get it out." She handed him the bracelet.

He took it, absently fiddling with the back, prying open as he turned and leaned against the control board.

Trine took note of the scars across his chest, many of them old, and the burn in the hollow of his throat, it looked familiar, a single feather...

"Is that all?" He straightened, handing her the bracelet and folding his arms across his chest, his face impassible, eyes cold. His posture had been rearranged, as if he realised people were watching and he was not being himself.

"Y... Yes, thank you. Should I alert Zalla?" She looked away.

"She has been notified, and has attended to it accordingly." He swept past, dropping once again below deck and returning with his long-sleeved shirt, looking more like an ancient English noble, rather than the frigid Blesser he had always acted.

Trine gnawed her lip, a semblance of the white wings could be seen through the back of his shirt as he bent over the controls again, pressing this or that and flicking a switch or two.

"Computer, place in landing message, make sure they know the Dragon is returning." Chrysth began running his fingers across the board, blue lights turning silver and red lights to yellow as the front window was opened to reveal the gray planet coming up fast.


Soft howling echoed through the night of Drynt, making the residents pause and look over towards the noise. A large, white beast stalked through the crowds, pearl-white fangs glistened from the protruding snout and cold silver eyes swept them all. The creature walked on all fours and was wolf-like in appearance, but far too big to be merely a wolf. As it walked, many gave the beast wide berth, its pawprints left ice in their wake, frigid patterns in the desert heat, refusing to melt. A deep chuffing laugh seemed to well from it and it righted itself onto two legs, the white fur retreating and turning black, the silver eyes flashing gold, paws turned into hands and feet, but the tail and swivelling ears remained, as a line of black fur appeared beneath the man's hair and along his spine into the pitch-dark tail. He stepped forward, the residents of the planet still very wary of the man, as he moved towards the docking bay a glint appearing in his eye as he spotted the ship coming. He grinned toothily, vicious canine's glinting in dawn's coming light, "Welcome home... brother."
Drynt- World of Nightmares · 07-11-06 2:23pm
by Virgo
Re: Drynt- World of Nightmares · 07-11-06 3:28pm
by A Non-Existent User

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