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Jul 13, 2006 at 11:50pm
The Sinner sweeps in...
by Virgo
Name: Syndel Mariac

Nickname: The Sinner

Age: 192

Gender: Male

Race: Dedriorine

A race known to produce profound beauty, especially in males, attractive to all species. Mostly known as a 'pleasure race' or a race that lives off of sex, and manipulation through sex, all are identified by their 'glittering' skin, usually in various hues, mostly blues and greens jewel-like in appearance and long life spans (as long as they're nourished).

Smarts: Intelligent and nosy, knows something about everything and has a photographic memory.

Personality: Cheerful and rowdy, he has an innocent personality, but is constantly making lecherous comments, as if they were nothing, making much of the crew of the 'Dragon' uncomfortable, or laugh outright. He's like a child, but has his adult moments, like all do, but he rarely likes being serious. He doesn't get sad or depressed, he feels that life is too short to feel like that.

Appearance: He's got a rare skin colour, a shiny amethyst colour and bright silver hair and nails. His eyes are black, and fathomless with little silver stars at each corner for decoration and the same feather burn mark Chrysth has in the small of his back. He wears white leather shorts that are impossible to wear anything under with little leather straps that wind down his legs and connect to the pads he wears at the bottom of his feet like shoes with no tops. His top is nearly non-existent made of mesh and cuts of just below his pectorals with thin spaghetti straps to show off his arms and washboard stomach. Piercings grace his navel and chest as well as multiple in his ears, to go with the white leather collar on his throat and leather cut-off gloves. He's very proud of his appearance, and was graced with the name, 'The Sinner' because of this.

Weapons: In his gloves are two, very small, very descreet knives, that can kill if Syndel can hit the right places. He's a powerful fighter, and 'he is his own weapon' with the ability to kill, with or without his gloves on, he's a fearsome adversary.

Defence:.His favourite said is 'A good offence is a good defence.' but never quite believed it, so he uses a smiliar system as Chrysth, a wrist cuff and ankle cuff laser shield.

Main Weakness: He's a submissive in any 'situation' and will generally always follow a direct order, as long as it is specific to what you want, he knows how to twist words massively, even to the point of completely doing the exacpt opposite of what was originally ordered. However, he lives off of sexual pleasures, so the scent of sex makes him want to feed, and he can and will manipulate his way to do such.

History He also was a part of the Black Feather Brothel, and was there when Chrysth nearly destroyed everything, he escaped and greatly admires 'The Angel' for his outstanding bravery and strength in the face of Vedrain.
The Sinner sweeps in... · 07-13-06 11:50pm
by Virgo

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