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For WDCs 11th birthday party! Write a story in 11 lines.
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Sep 8, 2011 at 4:17pm
my entry
“You can do this, you’re doing so well,” the midwife says, her eyes full of encouragement.

“I can’t,” the woman is tiring; she has been in labour for what feels like days.

“Every contraction brings your baby closer to the world, every breath gives your baby life,” the midwife, childless herself, is in awe of this woman.

“I can’t,” even as she says this, her body is bearing down, knowing exactly what to do and she takes a deep breath in, releasing it as she pushes.

“Well done!” the midwife says nothing else, it will not be heard by a woman during a contraction.

“Uuuuh,” the woman produces a low guttural sound and it is a sound every midwife knows.

“Fantastic,” the midwife prepares everything for the new life that is entering the room.

“Keep going, love,” the partner pats the woman's shoulder.

“Uuuuuuh,” the mother strains, breathing heavily.

“Congratulations,” the midwife swiftly cuts the cord and hands the pink, healthy baby to its mother.

“Thank you,” the woman cradles her baby between her breasts and leans back, accomplished.
my entry · 09-08-11 4:17pm
by Clare Kennedy

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