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  1. The "Normal" Storyline
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You are the first human in history to go to a school for giant anthros.
Chapter 1: The "Normal" Storyline  
    by: Flangies   More by this author
In this world, humans and giant anthropomorphic animals have existed peacefully, but not in harmony. Not seeing eye to eye, both races have built similar civilizations, but apart from each other. However, this is about to change soon.

A small group of humans and giant anthros who dream of a world where both races can be fully integrated have started a program to get their ultimate goal started. This group has gathered some support on both sides, and one of them is a giant anthropomorphic ocelot who happens to be the superintendent of a school district. This ocelot realized that in order for humans and giant anthros to get along, they must start early. Therefore, as an experiment, he has enrolled a single human student, namely you, into one of his schools.

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