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You gained the power to possess people, what awaits you? Are you a hero or a villain?
Chapter 1: Pilot  
    by: LoneDynasty   More by this author
You where walking down road, late at night, with your iPhone in hand, messaging and texting your buddies on Facebook. It was your birthday but your family wanted you to have an awesome time and sent you on a plane to Hollywood for the week as a big gift of a 18th Happy Birthday. You always wanted to go there because you always were into celebrities and always wanted to be a celebrity yourself, you always said to your friends and family that you were going to make it big and have the spotlight. It was your life goal, you always were the most popular kid in your high school and was always in the school's spotlight, you were the head football star and captain, was voted prom king and voted most handsome, on top of that your best friend Cody and always called you "a nerd with a life" being ranked in the top 10 of the nation test scores. As you walked you saw a shooting star. This was rare to see such a thing and what made it weird that it was a purple color and heading towards you!!!

"What the hell!" You said as you ran for your life but it was all in vain, because even being a jock you can't out run it and it hit you with huge force and speed. Purple light flash as it hit you and you feel major pain as you pressed out. Hours later you open your eyes and where in shock to see you where off the ground, 10 feet in the air. "Holy shit!, I'm flying." you said as you look down at the state of your body. Your whole body was glowing purple and had a ghost like look. It took you a little bit to ajust to flying but you now got used to it and could fly around at great speed. "Awesome but can I turn back?" You said. Just then you turned back and dropped like a rock in water. "Ahhhhhhhhhh" you yelled as you turned back in to the purple ghost form. "Woo, that was cool. Hey if I have the power to turn in to a ghost like Danny Phantom, maybe I can possess people's bodies, this gives me an idea" you said as you put your sights on an old man walking near the sidewalk. You flow down and entered the old mans body. You blackout for a sec as you tried to pulled yourself up for the ground. There was a change the you notice almost instantly, you were weaker and had liver spots all over your hands and legs. "Oh my back, you said as you covered your mouth with you new old hands. Turning to a barber shop window you watch in amazement as the old man did as you did. You began wonder how to get out of this body as you did the old man fell down and you just flew out and flew around in the night time sky. "Hmm it seems I just need to think if it and I can control my new found powers" you said as you watch the old man slow get up, looking confused. It seems they can't remember anything after you depossessed him. You smile as you new just what to do with to power you....

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