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  1. First day on the job.
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You are a tiny man hired to take pictures of celebrities, athletes, etc.
Chapter 1

First day on the job.

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You are Flash a tiny guy of only two inches tall. Luckily you are practically indestructible but you've rarely been harmed in any way. You've lived an easy care free life with your wealthy family but there was one problem. It was extremely boring. You spent your days doing physical training keeping yourself at the peak of physical fitness, for your size anyways. But you wanted to strike out on your own. Somehow a woman named Gwen found out about you and explained an interesting job about being a paparazzi. Gwen was also very hot so you quickly jumped on the opportunity to check this out.

Within a couple days arrangements were set and a small airplane drone flew in to pick you up. You stepped in and you heard Gwen's voice over the speakers. "Strap in and you'll be delivered to your new home." You excitedly followed her orders and were soon flown to a remote hilly and forested area and the plane landed on a seemingly simple building. You stepped out of the plane and right on front of you were two huge black high heels. You slowly stared up these gorgeous silky smooth legs and up to the tight fit body of your new boss who also had quite a lovely pair of- TAP TAP TAP- her foot tapped on the floor impatiently as you checked her out which suddenly made you stare directly up at her gorgeous face. She had light blue eyes a long red hair that was slightly wavy. "Its nice to meet you in person Flash, I'm Gwen." You were quickly picked up in her hand as she examined you. "Wow you are really small. I was half expecting this to be a waste of time. You weren't lying about being indestructible though were you?" You shook your head "Nope you've got nothing to worry about" She looked a bit suspicious but shrugged her shoulders. "Look you're gonna be wearing something very expensive and difficult to make I need to be sure do you understand?" You nodded and said "go ahead squeeze me in your hands" She laughed and held you gently in a soft grip "Easy tiger I'm not going to do a damn thing to you until this is all official"

With that she took you into the simple building that looked very... normal. A one bedroom apartment with a small kitchen and living room. Your bedroom was a hole in the wall of her bedroom and she had fitted it with tiny furniture and even a tv and small computer. It was actually pretty nice. She then took you to an elevator which went down deep into the hill the apartment was built on into a massive laboratory. "Wow this is amazing!" you gasped as she showed you various machines and projects she was working on. "I've done this all by myself but I need more funding to keep expanding and that is where you come in. Clients, very rich ones will pay huge amounts of money for the shots we will be able to get of famous people. They will send me an email with the details and you will wear my suit" she shows you to a tiny suit that was all black and smooth looking. kind of like black suit spider-man but without the mask. "Cool! can I try it on now?" Gwen laughs and replies "Hell no you've gotta sign this contract first" You read it through and it pledges 2 years of working for Gwen with a 1 billion dollar salary! however she is not responsible for any harm you go through and the suit can be manually controlled by Gwen whenever she chooses. On the bright side you are not responsible for any damage it or any other equipment takes. You quickly sign. And nod. "Ok little guy I'm gonna squeeze you in my hand now whenever you're ready" You give her a thumbs up and she quickly squeezes you in her grip as tight as she can and winces looking away from you. You forgot how much this hurts as her fingers compress you like play dough squashing you flat. She opens her hand and slowly looks and sees you regaining your shape little by little. She studies you as you suddenly pop back into your normal self. "Wow! that is amazing! I was really worried there for a second. You are gonna be perfect for this!"

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