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  1. Kevin gets his powers from an angel named Nuncio
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A benevolent spirit gives Kevin divine power over all boys on earth.
Chapter #1

Kevin gets his powers from an angel named Nuncio

    by: scriptboy
Kevin Staples has always been a guy with a big heart.

When he was fifteen years old, he jumped in a lake and rescued his dog Rover, after the dog slipped into the lake, which was right behind the house where he lived.

When Kevin was sixteen, he spotted an oncoming truck when a little toddler had strolled onto the street in front of his house. The toddler never saw the truck coming, but Kevin ran and grabbed the little boy just before the truck slowed down.

After his seventeenth birthday, Kevin rescued a boy during a weekend-long camp which was organized by the Boy Scouts. The boy got lost during a long hike up a mountain, and Kevin searched for the lost scout until he found the boy, while he was hiding in a cavern. The younger scout was tired and hungry, but Kevin had given him food and water, and he led the lost scout back to camp.

Right after Kevin's eighteenth birthday, he came to the aide of a boy in school, who was being bullied by a senior in high school. Kevin had stopped the fight and he had persuaded the bully to leave the boy alone. The bully decided to leave, and the boy thanked Kevin repeatedly.

When Kevin was about to leave the schoolyard, the boy called out his name.

"Kevin! Kevin!" the boy shouted to him.

Kevin stopped and turned around, thinking that the boy probably had wanted to thank him one last time.

"There is something I need to tell you..."

"What is it?" Kevin wondered. "I need to get home and work on a paper, which is due tomorrow. I don't have much time..."

“My name is Nuncio…” the boy replied. “I have seen your good deeds, and I have come to grant you your reward for your compassion and generosity!”


“I’m a messenger from heaven…” Nuncio continued. “I have watched you since you were young, and I have seen how you have helped and saved lives of others. Plus, your father and mother have done a tremendous amount of volunteer work, so the sense of compassion has been instilled in you as well…”

Kevin’s father was a doctor and his mother worked for the hospital. In fact, his mother would ride in an ambulance and help those who needed medical assistance. After his parents got divorced, he continued to live with his mother and he often spent weekends at his father’s house, whenever his father didn’t have to be in the hospital.

“How do you know all that? What do you want from me?” Kevin stuttered, as he listened to the strange boy.

“From now on, you will have the power to assist other young men who are the same age as you, or younger! You may only use your power as long as it is beneficial to those, who you use it on. You cannot use your power to harm or hurt anyone. Your powers will not work if you use them for evil or selfish purpose. Other than that, you will have the ability to change and grow any young male, who is your age or younger. Your powers will not work on girls or young women!”

“You must be joking, right?”

“No, Kevin… I’m very serious.” Nuncio replied. “Use your new powers wisely. Help the boys and young men. Make them into athletes, workers, and men, who will contribute something useful to society. Don’t worry about the women, for they will have their own angels, who have the ability to change them, just like you have the ability to change men or boys. Focus on helping young men, and you’ll do fine!”

“But… What if I screw up? What if I make a mistake?”

“I will follow you and watch what you do. If you need me, I’ll be there!”

Then, the boy slowly faded away. Within moments, Nuncio had disappeared.

Kevin was left standing alone in front of his school. What was he going to do now?

You have the following choices:

1. Kevin goes home

2. Kevin goes to the mall

3. Kevin attends a sporting event

4. Kevin visits his friends

5. Kevin goes somewhere else

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