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  1. Waiting For The Babysitter.
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Your parents are going on vacation and they get you a babysitter. She has a special power.
Chapter 1

Waiting For The Babysitter.

    by: OBusywriter   More by this author
         It is nine o'clock in the morning. You walk down stairs after waking up and sit on the living room couch. You are waiting for the babysitter to arrive. Your parents have already left, they told you that the babysitter would show up between nine and ten, so she should be coming soon. You knew that she was going to be young, but not sure how young. You hoped she was hot, because you wanted to see if you could get it on with her. That would definitely make this summer a whole lot better. Soon, the doorbell rang. You open the door, she was hot, but little did you know that she has a secret and has plans for you.

Who was she?
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