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by Robin
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What if cars, computers, non-human animals, plants, statues & toys get possessed by evil!
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Chapter 2

An Alien who takes over something?

In the nighttime sky of North America, a small flash of greenish light can be seen moving through the stars. This ball of light is quietly landing in a clearing amongst the tall trees of the area, and as it lands, the lights on this object suddenly shut off, and it becomes undetectable when it finally lands. Part of the now dark objects hull opens up, and out comes a puff of smoke. Then a small, dimly luminescent creature emerges from the spacecraft and begins to fly around. This luminescent creature was not bright and it would have been easily mistaken for a firefly or lightning bug if a human had seen it. This creature was extremely intelligent, and made of pure energy. It had the ability to possess nearly any living or non-living thing thing on Earth other than humans, and it could modify those things, as it deemed fit. As it flies around checking out the area, it suddenly comes across an artificially build, primitive looking two-story structure. It checks out the outside first and decides to possess and modify what object in order to properly check out this house, and study the humans, which it cannot posses?

What does this object possess?
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