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by RedAce
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fantasy · #1705269
Choose how girl(s) go through outrageous changes in their Puberty.
Chapter 1

Set Up

    by: RedAce   More by this author
Now Pick from the 5 girls offered here. Each one is unique from the other, and a bit of info is given for each. All girls must range from 8-12 years. What age each one is up to you, as long as it falls in between the ages of 8-12 years old. Have fun and be detailed in each additions. Also keep each girl close to their respective Personality. Don't be making girls like growing when it says don't like to grow or there shy, let's be real. Anyways, 5 girls to chose and many ways of making their lives horrible, enjoy.

Remember... Height Growth is the main expansion and breast growth is the only other expansion allowed to go with it. Thank you


(1.) Natsumi
Height / 3'4
Skin / Japanese
Personality / Very Shy and Becomes Embarrassed easily
Likes / Sweet things and playing
Dislikes / Being Embarrassed or growing very tall

Notes /
Natsumi is very shy and modest in nature and fears when her puberty comes around she may get huge breasts, but fears more of growing really tall or worse she never stops growing at all. She loves sweet foods and such. But is teased a whole lot about her outer appearance since she is pretty short and doesn't like to talk to others, since she is shy. Although she does like to play with small toys and pretend she is Godzilla, even though she doesn't want to become that tall in the first place, I know it's pretty ironic. Over all a kind girl, very fit and thinks of others.


(2.) Lindsay
Height / 4'5
Skin / Hawaiian
Personality / Very kind, but has a slight darker side to herself.
Likes / To have cute girls talk to her and admire her
Dislikes / Being teased for being taller than anyone in her age group

Notes /
Lindsay likes girls, instead of boys. As she drew closer to her puberty, she began to look at girls in a sexual way. She also has a secret fetish to crush things with her foot and other body parts. But she loves to mostly breast and butt crush model cities and toys. Though her butt isn't that big and her breasts have barely came in, so it gets tender quick and the destruction is very limited, she hopes that since she has grown up a bit, that her breasts will fall and get huge and that her butt gets a bit more bigger to cushion her butt crushes. But the problem is, since she is taller than the girls in her age group, she is teased horribly over it, which upsets her. She is a very kind girl, but wouldn't mind if she grew a bit more to get some sweet revenge on those mean girls who teased her relentlessly.


(3.) Megan
Height / 4'0
Skin / Russian
Personality / Tom-Boy, A little mean and rough, But overall a nice young girl
Likes / Tough things and fighting
Dislikes / Pretty things and anything that is girly, especially wearing a bra or having large breasts

Notes /
Megan is very boyish like and really hates acting like a girl or wearing anything that is girly. Megan loves to play rough and take on fights. She isn't a violent girl, she just likes to express her power and it's a way for her to feel alive. She would never want to kill anyone, unless they were evil. She fears of growing huge breasts and wants to keep her breasts smaller. Though she hopes she to get really tall, but reasonable size. Because if she gets too tall, then who can she rough house with, where would she live, and what clothes? Also due to her breasts starting to show signs of budding, her mom forces her to wear a girly pink bra, which she hates with a passion. So if this one part can be used to make her more miserable, then please go on ahead.


(4.) Olivia
Height / 3'7
Skin / Canadian
Personality / Short in size, but not heart.
Likes / To have big breasts when they come it and to be slightly taller than the average girl
Dislikes / Hates being teased about anything, especially if it deals with her late puberty.

Notes /
Olivia is just the kindest girl you would ever come across. Al though she is hoping to gain large breasts to have everyone treat her more than just the sweet girl. She doesn't want to be slutty, just to shed that nice girl look and to be more average and gain some boy sided attention. Although kind at heart, she is very sensitive to name calling and such. It doesn't take much to hurt her feelings. But if she were to become a giant, there would be no telling what could happen. She isn't cruel by any means, but a giantess that has it feelings hurt... oh boy.


(5.) Tiffany
Height / 4'2
Skin / Australian
Personality / Likes to have it her way and is pretty spoiled.
Likes / Loves Attention and girly things
Dislikes / People ignoring her

Notes /
Tiffany is just the definition of future stripper to be. She is hoping to fill out nicely, and if not willing to do just about anything to get more attention... (ANYTHING) she is also at risk of becoming very sexual active at an early age. Also she believes the world is to move around her and that is it. She isn't a monster, but if you don't give her what she wants, well it could be risky. She is hoping for the puberty bug to happen now, rather than later.

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