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You are stranded on an island with anthro amazons, ruled by a giantess
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Chapter 2

Arkair, the dragoness

On the throne before you, sits a giant anthro dragon! Her scales are dark red, with her belly and chest being yellow. Her wings are at least fifty feet wide, with the webbing between them yellow also. Her fingers and toes are tipped with curved, black claws. She wears no clothes, other than a silk skirt that goes down to her knees.

"Come closer." She said. You approach her step by step. She bent over and lowered her hand, palm up. You timidly climb into her hand, and she lifts you up to her face. "Why are you here?" She asks.

You tell her how you were thrown overboard in the storm. "I see." She says. "Well, until I can decide what to do with you, you will be kept in my chambers.." She lowers you onto the floor. "Take him to my bed chamber." She orders her guards.

The guards lead you out of the throne room, down a massive hallway. You come to a pair of twin golden doors, the guards each push one open, and lead you into the bedroom. Everything in the room is ten times your size! The bed is big enough to be an aircraft carrier!

The guards pull out a bamboo ladder from under the bed, and motion for you to climb it. You start climbing the ladder up the side of the bed, a task that takes you about ten minutes. When you reach the top, all you see is a vast desert of satin sheets. You walk over to the edge, feet sinking into the soft bed.

You look down and see the two guards standing at the bottom. "Stay right here!" One of them yells up to you. "The Empress will be with you soon!"

You lay back on the bed, sinking into the mattress. The bed is so soft that you fall asleep, after all you've been through. You wake up to a giant scaled finger poking you. You turn and see the dragoness is laying beside you. "Sleep well?" She asks, smiling.

You sit up, marveling at how truly huge she is. "Well, I've decided to give you a choice." She says. "I need someone to watch over my eggs. Someone to keep them warm and safe, and feed them after they hatch. So, you can be my royal egg watcher. Or, you could be my little pet. You'll keep me company and you'll be taken good care of. So what'll it be?"

You weigh both options, deciding wich would be better. Finally, you come to a decision.
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