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  1. And so it begins...
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Follow the story of a girl who gains the power to grow by absorbing anything she touches!
Chapter 1

And so it begins...

    by: ForestFire5000   More by this author
This morning began the same as any other morning would. Mellisa woke up to the sound of her blaring alarm clock, the same as always. However, this was about to change soon. As Mellisa reached over to turn off the alarm, she had a bizarre tingling sensation in her body. She shrugged it off as nothing at first, but when she touched her alarm clock, she was shocked by what happened: the clock appeared to be getting absorbed into her hand! She quickly jerked her hand backward in fear. The clock fell back out of her hand and landed on the bedside table. Mellisa looked at the palm of her hand in wonder.

"What the heck just happened?! It felt like I was pulling the alarm clock inside my body! Just what exactly is going on here?"

Mellisa reached for the clock again, and again it began to sink into her skin upon contact. Dropped it again, and began to get curious about what was happening. She reached out toward the clock one more time, but this time she allowed it to be fully pulled into her. She suddenly felt a surge of power, which quickly faded into obscurity. The growth provided by a small object like her alarm clock was too insignificant for her to immediately notice, but Mellisa had grown a little less than half an inch by doing this.

"Woah... That was weird... How did I do that? I wonder if I can do that to bigger objects, too... But wait! I don't want to absorb everything that I touch! How will I be able to hug my family? Or write that essay for school tomorrow? Oh crap! This is bad!"

However, just as she desired to stop absorbing things, the tingling that signaled the activity of her powers ceased. She was now the same as she was before. Finding it odd that her powers had turned off like that, she began experimenting. After switching her powers on and off several more times, Mellisa felt she had control of her new gift now. A broad smile spread across her face.

"This could be fun... A whole lot of fun, actually! Hahahahahahaha!"

What will Mellisa do next?

Where will this interactive story go?

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