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  1. The Day Begins
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Have fun with your 7th grade classmates' feet. 3,000 GPs for the best additions!
Chapter 1

The Day Begins

    by: BrainSewage   More by this author
Yawning, you stretch out behind your desk. Your 7th grade year began about two weeks ago, and now math class is boring you out of your mind. Still, you're glad to be back among your friends, especially the girls you share this period with. A lot of them, it seems, have grown prettier over the summer, and your pubescent mind entertains frequent fantasies. Not all of them focus on the girls' bodies, though. In fact, a lot of them involve the beautiful feet of your female classmates. You've liked girl feet ever since grade school, and as you notice how the girls are maturing, your desire becomes nearly insatiable.

The teacher drones on with the lesson, still reviewing what you learned last year. Your mind soon wanders, and you find yourself looking around the classroom at the girls, and are happy to see a few of them have their shoes off. Not ten feet from you, a cute blonde slips her feet in and out of her flats. Toward the front of the room, a redhead lazily rubs her socked feet together. It's entrancing, and you decide then and there that you must devise a plan to play with a girl's feet.

It doesn't take you long- you have quite a few female friends that you could easily hang out with after school. The hardest part is just deciding who to go for.

Do you choose...

Chrissy: mid-length brown hair, cute, green eyes, medium height. A bit bossy, but a really adventurous and fun person to be around. She is wearing red Chucks.

Lauren: mid-length blonde hair, fuller build but not fat, medium height. You think she has a bit of a crush on you. She's cheerful and considerate, if a bit stubborn. She's wearing white sneakers.

Melissa: short black hair, prefers the Gothic style. She's quiet and reserved, but you think you can get her to open up. She wears knee-high socks and boots.

Hayley: long red hair, tall, gray eyes, very pretty. She laughs easily, although she is rather quick-tempered and likes to be in control. She's wearing black nylons and black flats.

Natasha: African descent, medium height, with her black hair in a ponytail. She's the laid-back, cool and collected type. She wears black basketball shoes.

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You now have these choices:

1.   Chrissy

2.   Lauren

3.   Melissa

4.   Hayley

5.   Natasha

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