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Transformation in a world of wizardcraft and witchery
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Chapter #7


    by: Yote
Once the most powerful species, the human races have lost much over the past hundred years, weakened by a series of cataclysms and in the case of Tryzantium, a procession of corrupt, ineffectual, and/or insane monarchs and an infighting nobility.

Kingdom of Tryzantium
The Kingdom lays claim to the verdant central plains, an area of rolling hills and lush woodland, with hot summers, mild winters, and an abundance of rain in between. The hub city of Sentral sits at the heart of the kingdom, thriving even as the borderlands fall to wrack and ruin. Built beside the great river Sene and upon a confluence of leylines, it is headquarters to the monarchy, the Faith, and the Colleges of Magic.

The holy armies armies of the Faith and the ranks of human spellcasters fight to keep back the enemies of mankind and the wilderness that encroaches further every day. Despite their valiant efforts, the greatest human kingdom is failing and fracturing. Many of the barons expected to swear fealty to the king have begun to revolt under the weak monarchy, in addition many wizards, warlords, and mercenary groups have tried to carve out their own areas. These uprisings have severely depleted the military needed to defend the borders.

The Hashaan
An isolationist race of humanity from the far East. Their strict caste system now faces imminent collapse following an incident of mass bodyswitching that encompassed their entire civilization, an event that came to be known as the Great Shift. They are now beset by civil war and anarchy.

In recent years, a meteorite of obsidian collided with the continent, blasting clouds of activated obsidian into the air that enveloped the lands of the Hashaan, swapping the souls of every man, woman, and child. The change tore apart their ancient caste system, sparking a civil war between those who would reaffirm or destroy the old system according to whether it would benefit them in their new bodies. Those once-powerful individuals who now find themselves as women, children, or a member of a lower caste desperately rebel against those now in power, while a third faction attempts to do away with the caste system altogether.

Horrian Remnant
The female refugees of the destroyed Kingdom of Horr, cast out when the male Horrians were warped into demonic warrior women.

The dark-skinned Nagrandi hail from the arid, southern continent of Nagrand. They worship more gods than can be counted.

Steppe Nomads
Horse-riding nomads that live on the north-eastern steppes.
They have fought an all-out war with the local centaur clans for the last century, a conflict which began following a minor skirmish, when the nomads coaxed their horses to mount the centaur women of their beaten enemies, an unforgivable act which forever united the clans against the nomads.
The nomads are reviled by all settled people due to their endless raiding.

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