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Transformation in a world of wizardcraft and witchery
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Chapter #12


    by: Yote
The warrior women known as the Amazons are all that remain of the once grand Kingdom of Horr, a human realm of men and women that sat upon the peninsula that juts into the sea west of Tryzantium. A population of fishermen and farmers, when an army of Orcs threatened their lands they were powerless to stop them. Overwhelmed and with their king dead, his wicked advisor ventured into the sealed catacombs beneath the city, retrieved a forbidden demon artifact and called forth a Succubus Queen with whom he forged an diabolical pact.

The resulting explosion shattered the peninsula into a broken archipeligo and transformed every Horrian male - man and boy - into half-succubi warrior women, who forced back the green Orcish tide. Having secured what remained of their lands, they proceeded to cast out the Horrian women who had been untouched by the demon's spell. Renaming themselves Amazons, they now strive to rebuild their shattered lands and their numbers for a counter-offensive against the Orcs.

Amazons reproduce by the seduction or rape of other races; during intercourse, their partner is sucked into the Amazon's body and undergoes a unholy metamorphosis within the womb, turning them into a fellow Amazon. Upon being rebirth, they are tortured until their mind are broken before being indoctrinated to be more Amazonian. Only the strongest enemy soldiers are chosen to become Amazons and they are ironically sexist about it, chosing only men, regarding women as too frail and soft to join their number.

Despite their unnatural methods of reproduction, a rogue group of Amazons have recently begun experimenting with such concepts as 'femininity' and 'motherhood', though as Amazons still retain much of their formerly male minds, they tend to suck at it. To explore these alien concepts, they trap captives into child or baby-like forms during the rebirth process, and mother the transformed captive in lieu of the children they are unable to bear themselves. Given the Amazons' rather skewed perception of motherhood and their total lack of maternal instincts, it is unclear if death is the more desirable outcome.

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