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College student finds a black orb near his apartment and becomes a goddess of perversity.
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Chapter 2

Go to bed, try your powers out tomorrow

    by: bobboled   More by this author
Both of you agree that it is getting late, and Morrigan has early classes tomorrow so you decide to go to sleep. You awaken in the morning, and the sun is already up. It's almost 10 am and you have class at 1. Getting up, you collect your bathroom gear; toothbrush, shampoo, soap, and head out to the dorm showers. You have to do a double take as you almost walk into the boys bathroom, realizing now that you will have to use the girls showers from now on. It's a little embarrassing and admittedly awkward, but the thought of showering near the other girls in your dorm is a little arousing. You hurry into a stall, although you didn't really need to, no one is here, they're either in class or still sleeping.You hop into the stall and turn on the shower, then you take this chance to finally explore your body in all of it's naked glory. You grab your soap and lather up, noticing how smooth your skin has become. You wash your body, carefully avoiding your pussy for now. You spend a little longer than you should on your breasts, massaging them with the soapy water, but no one is around so you don't feel too guilty. You rinse your body, and after a quick shampooing of your hair, you are ready to leave. However, you fell a niggling need, a desire to experiment with your new vagina. Peering over the stall, you look around the bathroom, making sure that no one else was around. The coast looks clear, and so you slowly reach down and touch your new lips, tracing your fingers over you folds. You rub and caress, every now and then giving your clit a gentle squeeze. You begin to feel wet, a different kind of wet down there, and you you stick a finger in, then two, and soon you are full blown masturbating. You breathing becomes more labored, and you can hear your panting echo among the empty stalls. You start to get that tingling feeling, the one before you are about to cum, but instead of coming from your loins, it feels as though it is radiating throughout your body. This is so different you think, still fingering yourself. You are getting close and you are about to climax when you hear the door to the bathroom open. You freeze up and pull your fingers out with a lewd squelching noise. You hear the person walk into the showers, and it sounds as though they are getting closer, but then you hear a door open and a click as it is locked, then the shower comes on. A silent sigh or relief, you turn off your shower and open the door to leave, but as you grab your towel your are stopped by a hand on your shoulder. Startled, you turn around to face...
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