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A boy is caught spying on his sister's sleepover, and they decide that he should join them
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Chapter 2

Through a hole between the wall of her room and...

You decide that the best way to spy on your sister is through a peephole, that way you have less of a chance of getting caught.

The night goes on and you have to admit that you are a little disappointed. You expected to leave this night with blackmail and possibly a look at your sister's friends unchanging, but all they did was talk about movies and people you don't care about. Still, you have nothing better to do so you keep watching. There is al lull in conversation, and your sister pipes up,

"Hey guys, want to see something funny?"

Her friends nod.

Your sister gets up and grabs a photo album from her bookshelf. You start to get nervous, hoping that she's not going to do what you think she's going to do.

She opens the book for her friends and they immediately burst in laughter.

"Oh my God he's so cute!" said Kris.

You were right to be nervous. Sarah was showing her friends your baby pictures. A few weeks ago Sarah showed you photos of you dressed in dolls clothes when you were little. You freaked out and told her to get rid of them all, but apparently she didn't listen.

"And this is a picture of when I took baby Evan trick-or-treating with me. Isn't he cute as a little ballerina?"

Each picture was more embarrassing and brought a new round of giggles. Your face was bright red, you wished you had never started spying.

They finally finished the album, they were exhausted from laughing at your expense. You wanted to crawl under your bed and never been seen again. You dreaded the thought having to face the girls the next morning, knowing they were thinking of you as a two-year-old in a dress. That's probably all they would think when they saw you from now on.

"I have an idea," said Sarah. "How about I get Evan's baby videos!"

The girls gave a resounding yes. You couldn't let that happen, the photo album was embarrassing enough. You burst into your sister's room and yell, "Noooo!"

The girls go silent, look at each other, and then start laughing again.

"I'm sorry little guy, I didn't know you didn't like us looking at your adorable baby pictures. You shouldn't be ashamed, you made the cutest little sister ever!"

"I want you to get rid of those stupid pictures!"

"I don't like this Evan. The Evan we saw in the pictures wouldn't yell at us like this. I think we should do something to change your attitude."

They close in on you. You panic.

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