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  1. Passing The Torch
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One day, the former God decides to retire, and passes all his powers on to someone else.
Chapter 1

Passing The Torch

    by: DragoTime   More by this author
Jack admired the universe, and let out a sigh. He'd been God for millions of years now, and it was beginning to take its toll on him. The powers just didn't excite him anymore, and he'd simply gotten bored of being omnipotent.
"I guess this is what the last God meant when he said Gods get bored after a while and retire," he said. "I suppose it's time to choose a successor." Jack however, unlike most retiring Gods, didn't want to choose his successor from the current time. No, he wanted one from when he was still a mortal. So, in one of his last acts as God, Jack focused his powers, and in an instant he was stood in his home town, all those millions of years ago.
"Wow, this brings back memories," he said. "I guess this is it then." Jack reached out with his mind, and chose his successor.

They weren't expecting it, they were just going about their normal everyday business, but then it hit them. They felt the power flow into them, and sudden knowledge that they were God. It was an amazing experience, and afterwards, they were completely omnipotent. Jack smiled as he felt himself fade from this world, and into the post-God afterlife that every God goes to after passing their powers on.

So who was the lucky person who had just become God?
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