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Sokka, from Avatar, gains the power to make girls his love-slaves. How will he use it?
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Chapter 2


    by: FlashWally22   More by this author
As Sokka was standing inside a room he waited for his love to approach. He had just found out thanks to some interesting events that he was a heart bender. According to Aang visiting the spirit world in the oasis after blocking off a successful invasion from the Fire Nation, a heart bender is someone who can bring peace in unique ways. They are a form of spirit bender that bends the emotions of others. In his case he has already subetly pulled two girls into it. All he has to do is be himself he said in order to use his abilities.

Yue who was spared her duty thanks to Iroh freeing the moon spirit promised to aide Sokka in his training. For Sokka had decided to do a daring mission to sweep the Fire Nation Princess off her feet. So, that the Fire Nation might halt it's attacks on the world. Or so he would be captured and get close enough to a female guard in a Fire Nation prison to seduce her. Escape and attack with intent to kill the Fire Lord where he lived. Being the leader of team avatar had to get him into a Main Land prison .

Yue water bent the door open as she walked in. She smiled at Sokka as he grinned at her. He then said to her as he walked over, "You are so, how should I put this. Beautiful, yeah that's how I should put it."

Giggling Yue then pulled at her robe to have it drop. There she stood in a hooter hamock that was purple with a few amythests on the border. A short blue skirt was around her waist that allowed just enough fabric to keep his imagination going. With a pair of light blue transparent stockings and a pair of long purple silk gloves she was frickin' Amazing!

Sokka grinned as he dove in head first at her as he shoved her to the pile of animal pelts. Giggling with a squeal the princess was kissed all over her neck and shoulder. Licks were felt against her skin as she shivered. But, not from the cold, no, she shivered from the lust she was feeling inside herself. There was a hurricane of lust stirring inside her as she grew wet from the passion. Sokka began to kiss her as she then licked his lips.
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