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Sokka, from Avatar, gains the power to make girls his love-slaves. How will he use it?
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Chapter 2

An enchanted boomerang

    by: FlashWally22   More by this author
Rescuing King Bumi... Episode return to Omashu

Sokka was standing at the edge of the battlefield. Katara was fighting off with her water bending Mai as Aang took to the air. Azula sneered as she chased after him with running up the statue and using fire bending to carry her the rest of the way up. Ty Lee ran into battle as Sokka then remembered the animal he cared his boomerang from. He cared it from the beak from a moon turtle squid. He heard they had a strange power with the moon, as evidence with their name and size. Told to be from the moon and 1/80th the size of it, they had magical properties so long as the moon was visible in the sky.

Sokka looked up to the sky to see a sliver of the moon. He then prayed to Yue to let his boomerang exist it's magic powers. He threw it up into the air as the sun shined on its polished boomerang. Everyone in the city looked at the bright flash as Sokka swore the moon granted him his prayer. Azula looked to the boomerang as it spun faster and faster with a blue glow about it. Mai looked up along with Ty Lee and Katara. The three could not believe their eyes as what was happening. It was pulling their minds as they became slightly hypnotized, but who was fully hypnotized by the boomerang?
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