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When Tim was born an inch tall, not many women noticed him then a wish changed all that.
Chapter 1


    by: ulti   More by this author
         Tim was an 18 year old living life on hard mode. Not only was he born just an inch tall, but most people would obliviously crush him. Luckily his small body was soft and rubbery so if a passing runner happened to run over him, he would just flatten like a pancake. He can also be moulded and formed into various forms and shapes and if left alone reform after awhile good as new. Tim had some plus points in his life he recently made a wish on a shooting star to get noticed by some of the giant women and it seems it just came true. He was now living with three gorgeous women:
         Jen a blonde haired, D breasted and biggest ass you've seen. This girl lives up to her hair colour though. The nicest of the three but with a tendency to forget things including yourself. more than a few times she has sat on you while watching tv, Or put you somewhere and forgetting about it.
         Faye a black haired girl, C cups and a taught nice butt. Bit of an exercise freak and loves hitting the gym. She also likes seeing you humiliated by women's booties and more often than not prank her flatmates with you. Like the one time she moulded you into a pair of panties to lend to Kim.
         Kim a brown haired petite girl with B cups and a really cute butt. Kim is by far the cutest of the three women but her cuteness comes at a cost. She is a very lazy lass with some of the worst gas you have ever smelt. She had found out you had been turned into her panties by Faye once but being the lazy lass she is decided to keep wearing you until quote "I have got a good use out of them". Three days later you were freed from her horrifying butt crack after enduring her famous chilli farts and butt hole itching.

         You wake up with a yawn and decide to go spend the day with one of your flatmates. "I think I'll go and see..."
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