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  1. For Science!
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You find a pencil that can draw and erase not only drawings, but reality.
Chapter 1

For Science!

    by: dayaman   More by this author
At a lab, two scientists are testing out a nuclear paste. They put all of it on a pencil. One of the scientists then rubs a lab rat's head with the eraser. Surprisingly, the rat's head vanishes. The other scientist then redraws the rat's head, and it returns. Both scientists are intrigued at this, so they attempt to show it to their boss. Buut, they lose it and it falls in the sink.
Miles away, you find a pencil in the sewer. You grab it using a string and a piece of gum you just chewed. You look at the pencil, then rub part of your arm with the eraser. To your surprise, part of your arm disappears completely! You then redraw it, and it comes back.

Interested at this odd pencil's powers, you immediately go home to test it out more. You see your family there. Who do you test this pencil on?
Where will this interactive story go?

You have the following choices:

1.   yourself again

2.   your mom

3.   your dad

4.   your elder sister

5.   other

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