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  1. Waking up after the accident.
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by Wassel
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Experimental brain transplant surgery saves either your life, or someone very close.
Chapter 1

Waking up after the accident.

    by: Wassel   More by this author
You awoke from what seemed like a dreamless sleep, drifting slowly back into consciousness. Finding it extremely difficult to move. Your entire body feeling all numb and lifeless, while your eyelids felt like led. It take you a good minute or two to actually prey them open. Everything being all blurry and out of focus when you finally did.

Where am I? was your first thought. Gazing up at the white ceiling above. Having great difficulty even trying to turn your neck to find out. Not entirely sure what was going on. Had you been drugged? It certainly felt like it. Your head being all hazy, and it being rather hard to focus on anything. Deciding to just give up on your eyes in the end and instead listen out for any other clues. The steady beep of nearby medical equipment, added to the feeling of something plastic covering both your nose and mouth, leading you to believe that you were currently in a hospital. The question however was why? Not being able to remember much at all. Wasn't I at a football game? You were. A local game that you had attended with your family. Not really being all that into sports, but it had been a "chance to get out of the house for a while", as your mother had told you. Adding as an incentive that you could bring a friend along, which you did. That's right. We were all laughing at some stupid joke on the way home from the game when... when... You couldn't remember much beyond that. Assuming that something must have happened while you were there. Otherwise, what else would you be doing here?

Though you tried desperately to rack your brain for the answer, it was in vain. Being far too out of it to fully get a handle on what exactly had happened. Finding yourself again drifting slowly into unconsciousness. Being awoken again sometime later by the sound of voices. Male voices. Two of them. Seemingly arguing about something...

"...For God sake, Bill. Give it a rest, will you. It worked didn't it?"

"So far. But still, that didn't give you the right to go ahead with the procedure. Not only did you risk both our reputations as well as our jobs, you took a chance with patients lives!"

"They were both clinically dead! What else was I supposed to do? At least this way we saved one of them. Plus, think of our research."

"Oh I am, Dr. Kerry, Believe you me, I am. As soon as this gets out... what we've done... we'll be finished. Not to mention what will happen to the patient and everyone else involved. It'll be a media circus. They won't get a moments peace for the rest of their lives!"

"It won't come out." The first voice assured the other. Getting louder now as you heard a door open. "We've already made sure of that."

The second voice let out a sigh. "Yes, of course... The money." He said, reluctantly. Growing slightly angrier. "Do you know how hard I had to spin this whole thing to get them to actually take it? Do you? Not to mention the fact that we'll have nothing left over now. That's the entire research budget!"

"It'll be fine. We've already got all the research we need. I mean, we did it, Saunders... we actually did it! The first ever human brain transplant. It really is remarkable."

Although you weren't entirely sure if you were dreaming this or not, the term 'brain transplant' jumped right out at you, indicating that there was no way it could be real. After all, brain transplants were just a work of science fiction, weren't they? Either way, you weren't just going to lay here for any longer. Not if there really was someone there. Letting out a groan as you again forced open your eyes. Muttering softly, "Wuh... Where am I? What's going on?" The words tickling uncomfortably at your throat

The voices instantly stopped, and you watched through the blurry haze as a figure suddenly appeared above you. Proclaiming, "Timothy... You're awake!" The voice belonging to the first man, Dr. Kerry (as the other had named him). A balding, middle aged man with dark hair, a mustache and a thick pair of glasses. The white coat he was indicating that he was indeed a doctor. Examining you rather eagerly as he quickly removed the oxygen mask from your face. "How are you feeling?"

"Not great..." you croaked. Still feeling incredibly woozy. Even if you were glad to finally see somebody.

"Don't worry, it's just the drugs we gave you. They'll wear off soon enough," he informed you. Flashing a little flashlight into your eyes. "Do you remember what happened?"

"No. Not really..." Try as you might.

"I'm afraid you were in an accident. A car accident. A quite serious one at that."

As soon as he said this, something seemed to click inside. Thinking to yourself, A car accident... Of course! As it all suddenly came flooding back. You weren't at the game, you were on your way home. Recalling the sound of screeching tires. A loud bang. And then... Nothing. Something having obviously plowed right into your family van.

"My name is Dr. Kerry," the mustachioed doctor continued. Pointing then to his much taller companion, who had since stepped into view, "and this is my colleague Dr. Saunders." The other doctor looking to be at least a good ten years older, with a long, pale face and a shock of gray hair. "We've been taking care of you since they brought you in."

"Am... Am I okay?"

"All things considered, yes. There were a few minor cuts and bruises, a few stitches, and you may end up with a small scar over your left eye, but it's nearly to the hair line, so I doubt anyone will really notice."

"Thank God for that," you said. Breathing a sigh of relief. Fearing for a moment, due to the fact that you could neither see, nor feel your body, that you were some sort of mangled mess.

This feeling didn't last for long though. Getting somewhat of a sinking feeling as Dr. Kerry's tone quickly changed. Prefacing what he next had to tell you with the words, "However, that's not all I have to tell you I'm afraid." The two doctors looking extremely serious as they stared down at you from on high. Nervous even...

"You see, the car accident was quite severe, and there were... complications."

"What do you mean?" you gulped. "What sort of complications?"

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