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A guy with a foot fetish keeps ending up at women's feet...what could be the problem?
Chapter 1

Unexpected text...

Driving back to your apartment from work, you try to shake off the ominous words in Tora's unexpected text message that have stuck to your mind, like glue:

I know your secret. Wish I had known before. Would've made things a lot easier for the pair of us...

Tora is your ex-girlfriend. You've been out with her several times before, first when you were 16, and again just a couple of years ago. When you were dating, she was one of those girls who was always very high maintenance. Undoubtedly stunning but with a bratty nature, she was always incredibly demanding yet irresistible.

I know your secret...

But how did she know? Ever since you can remember, you've had a foot fetish. When you started going out with Tora (she was your first "proper" girlfriend), you were able to initially focus on teenage, lust-filled activities. Making out with her for hours at a time, holding hands when walking down the street or at the cinema, attempting to, and failing to remove her top...all of those things were excitingly frustrating at the time.

It didn't take that long to focus on her feet. She liked to be barefoot, whenever round at her or your parents' places. Each time, you couldn't resist staring at her slender soles and pretty toes. You would offer her foot massages, which would give you a wicked erection. Occasionally, very occasionally, you would kiss her feet, but refrained from doing this for too long, in case she found it weird.

Wish I had known before...

After she broke up with you the first time, you assumed that you would never see Tora again. Spontaneously, four years later, you had the sudden impulse to message her. Single and lonely, you weren't really expecting a reply. When she did, you leaped at the chance to see her again. You counted your lucky stars when she decided to give you another go. You were determined not to show her any sort of foot fetish inclination for the year that you were dating...so when could Tora have known about your secret? She obviously didn't know then...

Would've made things a lot easier for the pair of us...

Those words stay with you as you continue to drive. Pulling over to the side of the road suddenly, you stop so you can gather your thoughts and decide what to do. You know that you've got to do something to take your mind off the Tora situation...
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