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  1. It Isn't Over Yet
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The Joker has been beaten, but there are still some loose ends to tie up...
Chapter 1

It Isn't Over Yet

    by: Vincanity   More by this author
Finally, after a long night of fighting, strategizing, saving lives and protecting Gotham City once again, it's time to head back to Wayne Manor and rest up. As you walk to the Batman, your torn cape flails in the wind and you feel the cool breeze on your flesh through the rips in your roughed up suit. You reflect on the night that has passed... Finally putting the Joker in his place was certainly the icing on the cake, but you can't help but to think of the other epic battles you had during the night.

The fight against Poison Ivy was tougher than you care to admit to anybody. Her vines almost got the better of you at one stage, gripping your body and crushing the air from your lungs. You can still hear Pamela's voice in your head... "I'll choke the life out of you"... Her evil laugh... You only managed to break free at the last second...

Then the encounters with Harley Quinn... Something about her seems to get you every time. Her little tricks never work on you, but you do worry that one day she will get the upper hand. Goodness knows what she would do if she actually had her way with you, but it wouldn't be good!

You finally reach the Bat Wing and hop in. You take a deep breath and turn on the computers to have a communication come through instantly...

"Master Bruce, are you there? I don't think your night is over just yet..."

"Alfred? What is it now?" you reply.

"I'm afraid I am receiving a number of distress signals coming from within Arkham Asylum once again Sir. It appears they are having trouble detaining some of the existing inmates", Alfred informs you.

You breath an inaudible sigh, and respond.

"We're not done here yet. I am going in", you respond.

You switch off the Bat Wing and run back into the Asylum. Hopefully it won't take long to round up the last of these goons. Alfred continues to relay to you using your head piece as you run back into the asylum.

"I am receiving distress signals from key areas of the asylum which I have mark on your map Sir."

"Thanks Alfred", you say, checking the map to see where to go first.

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