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Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Horror/Scary · #2108669
The highs and lows of a complex kids pizzeria, of both the weighty and horrific variety.
Chapter 1

Introduction & Story Selection

    by: Elusive Wordsmith   More by this author
Welcome to Gerbert Gerbil & the Cosmic Crew, a space themed family dining, arcade complex and party center! Where kids and parents alike come for entertainment and food as far as the eye can see, populated with state of the art animatronic characters and automated systems. Full tummies are happy tummies and the staff at Gerbert Gerbil’s strives to make every meal, birthday and gathering an event.

Join heroic astronaut Gerbert Gerbil in his far out adventures alongside the Cosmic Crew: Hippo Don the musician/gangster hippo, Moolia the hybrid cow and dessert maker, and Fuchsia the color changing dancing flamingo. The Cosmic Crew’s adventure shows include other characters, aliens and robots, most persistently Gerbert’s rival astronaut Hamster Louie.

With lavish game ‘n’ activity areas, spectacular special effects and good food surely there could be no funner place on earth, right?

Well, even a family dining & leisure business can host its own share of less-than-innocent horrors. Peer past the childlike wonder of the place and Gerbert Gerbil’s is in pretty dire straits. Cosmic Crew Entertainment has been hyper focused on the cartoons and merchandizing of Gerbert and the gang that they throw money around get rid of problems. Short sighted, bribed ‘solutions’ that only end up making things worse. With health and safety inspections paid off rather than earned the restaurant faces many issues. The complex automated systems are glitchy, the food quality is much less than it appears, the overstressed employees try to get away with questionable activities during work hours and sometimes there’s just something off, you know, with the animatronics. Cosmic Crew Entertainment also denies there being any reports of missing children, possible murders, employee or customer injury or the chance of the whole establishment being haunted.

This story looks to delve into the lives of those that work or frequent Gerbert Gerbil’s, both the horrific consequences of their association with the franchise and the fattening effect of the menu on their waistlines. Follow a character as they work, play, eat, explore, investigate, eat, panic, survive and eat at Gerbert’s.

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