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  1. Starting Lines in Valentine
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Chapter 1

Starting Lines in Valentine

    by: Bobo the Hobo   More by this author
Welcome, friend, to a town called Valentine.

From here, you'll decide just where you want to start your story. Each choice takes you to a different part of town where different characters crop up.

That's not to say that they can't intermingle; everyone lives in the same town after all. So even if you don't pick one character, you might still run across her in another tour through town.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves—where do you want to start?


Uptown is the uppermost section of Valentine, and is rapidly growing. New jobs bring in new people, who start new families in the Suburbs. This probably has something to do with the fact that it's located in a good school district—Valentine High School is centrally located and easily accessible, with a relatively high graduation and college enrollment rate. The wealthiest Valentinians live in a housing complex area referred to almost exclusively as the Heights. The exceptionally rich and powerful tend to make their homes here as well, so it's no surprise that they're located close to City Hall.

Downtown is a bit seedier and shadier than its more respectable counterparts, but not without its merits. The nightlife is much more fun on this side of Valentine, with even little bars like Shenanigans able to offer a drink and a good time. There's a low-income housing development where some folks might lay their heads called Sunny Villa Apartments, which is a delightfully misleading name. There's some seedier characters lurking around in the Slums, but downtown's not all bad. There's also the Police Department, where the men and women in blue help keep Valentine in line!

the Business District used to be known as Old Town, and part of Downtown. But the surge of new businesses attracted to Valentine segregated it into its own little section, and is growing almost every day! Gilbert & Heil is one of the older companies that helped found Valentine, but has gone through a major overhaul recently. Losing its tight grasp on the town's sense of history and nostalgia allowed Yeng Distribution to sneak in and settle. Both bring in a lot of money and a new crowd of more "metropolitan folks". Which is good, because having big businesses like that around make it challenging for Mom and Pop's like Little Bake Shop on Main to stay open...

Where will this interactive story go?

You have the following choices:

1.   Uptown

2.   Downtown

3.   the Business District

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