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  1. A Day in the Life of Piper Black
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Piper porks out into her own weight gain interactive!
Chapter 1

A Day in the Life of Piper Black

    by: Bobo the Hobo   More by this author
Living on the wrong side of the tracks in a city like Daven's Port would put a damper on most people's spirits.

Crammed into a tiny house with a pregnant mother and a flippantly irresponsible sister, scraping by from paycheck to paycheck was no way to live. But that never stopped Piper Black from doing pretty much whatever she wanted before, and it certainly didn't look to be stopping her anytime soon.

Piper is a native Daven's Porter with a big mouth and a penchant for getting into trouble. She has shoulder length black hair, olive-colored skin, and stands a bit taller than most of the boys in her graduating class at 5'10". She's quite busty, her breadth of breasts fed by her love of pizza and a natural inclination against running.

She lives with her mother, Harper, and her shitty older sister Parker in a little crackerbox about half an hour from the ocean. It's not a luxurious life, but it could have always been worse.

After all, she used to be fat.

Now she's about to begin her next adventure in Daven's Port, and this one might be her biggest one yet...

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