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  1. The start of a big day
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Its time for pokemon high school, but something strange happens to you, you shrunk.
Chapter 1

The start of a big day

    by: CMwrite   More by this author
It was early morning and you woke up late. You got dress and got your backpack and ran as fast as you can, while also forgetting to bring you pokemon. You ran as fast as you can until you see the school. The first bell started to rang you panic as you are late.

Once inside the school premise, you were about to head to you first class when you suddenly felt weird. You vision blur and soon you collapse. You look around, things felt...different. You didn't recognize the area you were in until you saw something that shock you, a pencil. The pencil was ordinary for the most part except for one itty bitty thing, its as long as a sckyscrapper. You look around and see what used to be ordinary object the size of either montains or buildings, you shrunk. You try to figure out what happened, this has to be a dream. Unfortantly, it wasn't a dream as you look around and see that you are...
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