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  1. The Beginning
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A group of friends battle the supernatural and look good while doing it...
Chapter 1

The Beginning

    by: HikerAngel   More by this author
Please feel welcome to contribute anything you would like to any of these interactive stories. I love the juxtaposition of ideas and unexpected twists and turns that emerge when multiple writers converge on a storyline.

The opening setting is high school, with Mr. Matthews having a first ever Hike Club meeting. The students who attend are:
- Rachel, an attractive, athletic blonde from the soccer team. She likes to take charge.
- Trin, a slender, intelligent Asian girl with aspirations of becoming a doctor one day. She acts shy and demure... on the surface.
- Alexandra, a gorgeous brunette and captain of the cheer team. She is conceited and looks down on the others.
- Brent, a tall, athletic receiver on the varsity football team. He is encouraging and a decent guy, if a bit arrogant.
- Walt, a slightly geeky computer hacker. He has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove.
- Megan, a short, thin redhead who started the school's archery club, who likes fantasy novels and steampunk. She has a bit of a temper as well.

On their first hike, Mr. Matthews is killed by something--or someone--that they will never forget...

The opening setting is college with four suite-mates in a co-ed freshman dorm. The characters are:
- Lillian, a short, curveless, thin girl who wishes she were bigger and sexier. She is a molecular biology major.
- Amanda, her roommate, and an athletic girl majoring in kinesiology. She is also on the school's tennis team.
- George, an English major, slim. Likes LARP (live action roleplaying)
- Norman, a computer engineering major, extremely intelligent. He was George's friend from high school rooming together.

On their way home from a campus party, they have a run-in with something sinister.

The opening setting is a corporate lab. The characters are:
- Lindsay, an attractive chemist, tall and thin, with a model's build.
- Xei Li, a brilliant asian biologist with a secret crush on Lindsday.
- Freddie, a junior lab tech
- Ron, an annoying middle manager and Lindsay and Xei Li's boss.

Something strange and unexpected arrives at the lab. It doesn't stay contained...

The opening setting is a Spartan Race  . The characters are:
- Rick, a super-fit 20-something that talked Kate into trying her first Spartan race
- Kate, interested in Rick romantically but has been friend-zoned by the buff, handsome man
- Aaron, a fortysomething friend to Rick and Kate that is trying to get back in shape and was talking into doing the race by Rick

It's the day of the Spartan race and something unexpected happens...

More options, including the infamous and controversial storyline The Lake!
Where will this interactive story go?

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1.   High School Hike Club

2.   A College Capture

3.   LITRPG at the Lab

4.   The Spartan

5.   More options!

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