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by T
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Your given a stone from a old man that’s trying to get rid of it. This might get fun.
Chapter 1

The beginning

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Your walking down the road on your way home from school in the city, and you see an old man run towards you. He sees you and you stop, then he starts reaching in his bag. You think your about to get robbed before he brings a colorful rock out.

Old Man: There’s no time, take this rock and throw it in the woods somewhere. Just don’t let anyone find it, it’s too powerful for this planet!

You see him run around a corner and hear a weird warping sound, you look around and see nobody. You were sure he was just a random crackhead and keep heading home. On the way back, you see your hot neighbor and whisper to yourself.

Bill: She would be so hot with bigger tits.

You look back and see her boobs growing out of her shirt, she screams and runs inside. You knew it had to be the rock, it was too much of a coincidence. You think about what you wanted to do next.
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