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  1. Jeremy Jones, Night Watchman
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You make a discovery while at a zoo after hours: the animals become horny anthro ladies.
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Chapter 2

Jeremy Jones, Night Watchman

    by: TomSketchit   More by this author
Jeremy yawned as he stepped into the security booth, waving to the last of the zoo keepers as they left for the night. It was his first night shift, and he hadn't quite adjusted himself to the nocturnal life style he was going to have to adopt yet. Still, at least this job was supposed to be easy; just sit here, watch some screens, and report any funny business to the police. Worst he'd likely have to deal with are some dumb teens... not that he wasn't that far from being a teen himself.

Shrugging, he sat himself down with a cup of coffee and flicked on the screens as the sun began to lower in the sky, night approaching. It didn't take long for his easy shift to get... really boring. He began to dose off, vision blurring, only for him to notice something moving on a screen.

"God dammit... on my first night?" he moaned, looking out to see that the sun had properly set now. He looked again, trying to remember which screen he'd seen motion on, then groaned and got up, grabbing a flashlight to go and search the grounds. Hopefully it was nothing...

It wasn't long after he left the security booth that he heard something moving and turned his flashlight... seeing a strange figure staring back at him in surprise. He was stunned, having no words for what he saw. The other... 'person'... spoke up first.

"Huh. You're not the usual guy. Who are... Oh! Right, he retired, didn't he? Well, hi there! Nice to meet you!"

Jeremy just stared for another moment, trying to process what he was seeing. Before him was a curvy, anthropomorphic...
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