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  1. The Weirdest Night of Tyler's Life
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You make a discovery while at a zoo after hours: the animals become horny anthro ladies.
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Chapter 2

The Weirdest Night of Tyler's Life

    by: TomSketchit   More by this author
Tyler grumbled as he made his way over the fence into the zoo. Most of it was surrounded in tall walls to prevent exactly this, but some of Tyler's idiot friends had discovered this one spot where all that stopped trespassers was a chain link fence. There wasn't even any barbed wire or seemingly any security measures in place here, so easy that it seemed suspicious. But Tyler still scaled it anyway, knowing that if he didn't then his so called friends would make good on their promise to share an embarrassing fanfic he had written to everyone in school. He sighed as he landed on the other side. All he had to do was steal something from the gift shop and get out without being caught. It was stupid, but at least it should be easy.

As Tyler snuck around the zoo, trying to avoid being caught on camera or otherwise spotted by security, he thought he heard something. Voices? Foot steps? He figured there would only be one or two guards, but he was starting to wonder if there were more people here than expected. It certainly sounded that way.

Suddenly, Tyler felt a hand on his shoulder. Before he could react, he was lifted up off the ground with ease, a feminine voice cooing out "Oh, goodie! I found myself a toy tonight~!"

The young man was spun around and found himself gaping in awe at the large, powerful beauty that was staring at him playfully.
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