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With the Echidna race nearly wiped out Knuckles takes drastic measures to save it
Chapter 1

The beginning

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Knuckles sat next to the Master Emerald as he imagined the state the world was in around him as he knew if things kept going the way they have the Master Emerald could be left defenseless as the Echidna race would die out, he had to do something and figure out that something soon as Tikal appeared from the Master Emerald as if she seemingly heard his thoughts. “I am sure you have been thinking about the situation we have before us and we cannot let it come to pass, I have a way to solve this however I didn’t want to resort to it.” Knuckles raised a brow in confusion as Tikal pointed to the bottom of the shrine as a portion of the ground rose to reveal a hidden passageway Knuckles ran inside of with Tikal right behind him.

Inside was dark and a bit eerie however Tikal’s current form glowed providing Knuckles enough light to see ahead of him when he found the end of the path with a strange relic on a pedestal that was the size of a small trophy with the top in the shape of an Echidna head. “This was a tool my father made in order to expand the size of the Echidna empire, it used the power of the Master Emerald to transform captured beings into loyal Echidna foot soldiers. The Guardian was shocked at what he heard as he turned to look at Tikal, “Are you suggesting that use this to forcefully transform people?!” His ancestor would nod showing a strong look of sadness on her face, “I said it was something I wanted to avoid using for a reason but we are being left with seemingly no other choice just be careful as I believe this tool can corrupt the user my father was a surprisingly kind individual who only used it originally to have enough people to protect our homeland so we could live peacefully but he grew to want more and more taking over and converting many other civilizations over time I may have been unable to help him but I can certainly do whatever possible to keep you from becoming a monster.” Knuckles sighed as she was likely right and he was happy that he had someone looking over his shoulder to keep him in line but he still wasn’t completely comfortable with the idea as he grabbed the statue and left the underground area just to see it close back up upon leaving. “I guess I should start recruiting...”
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