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  1. A Highly Caloric Index
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a collection of previously non-interactive weight gain stories
Chapter 1

A Highly Caloric Index

    by: Bobo the Hobo   More by this author
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Bless Her Heart—

Carrie Cooleyfinger and her daughter Katie have just moved to a new town. And as much trouble as her daughter is having fitting in on a soccer team that she hates, Carrie is having just as much trouble making friends with the other moms.

Until she comes across the coolest moms of Milton High; Shelby Sullivan, Flo Folly, and Dillon Duncan. They're the most popular ladies on the PTA, and Carrie wants a slice of what they have. Soccer momming, day-drinking, art galleries... it all sounds like so much fun!

But there's a little more than Southern Hospitality at play behind these moms paying for her food, pouring her drinks, and inviting her into their charmed lives. After all, Shelby and her friends need someone to make them look good by comparison...

Caleb, Cat, & Cutie Pie's—

Caleb is a nerdy guy. Even though he's not all that popular with the ladies, he's still friendly and sociable. He goes to the comic book shop every Wednesday and plays his video games—what's not to love?

However, this all changes once he meets Cat, an absolute babe who works at the Cutie Pie's Confectionary just a few doors down from the comic shop! He's smitten with her at first sight, and so is she! It's a match made in heaven!

However, being Cat's boyfriend carries a heavy weight with it. Mostly around Caleb's gut!

Stacy's Mom—

Stacy Stanford, like most of us, has a mother. It was just the two of them for a while, but then she went and got re-married to a guy named Stewart. All pretty normal so far, right?

Well, around the time that Stacy graduates high school, her mother Stella and her step-father Stewart sit her down and warn her that when she sees her mother next, she's going to look a little different...

Because they both have a weight gain fetish, and Stella Stanford-Sterns is going to intentionally gain as much weight as possible. Stacy is, somewhat understandably, perturbed.

Life of Haley—

Haley West tried to live on her own. After high school, she moved away from home and did her level best at being a grown-up. But unfortunately, she couldn't quite crack it.

Coming back to her mom with her tail between her legs, Haley is welcomed back with open arms as Mrs. West shakes off the empty nest syndrome and spoils Haley rotten! She doesn't have to get a job, her back-to-college clothes are paid for, and (most importantly) there's a big meal waiting for her on the table at every opportunity!

Haley is at the center of a cast of characters as she begins to chub up under her mother's roof, with her old friends Courtney, Dani, and Mackenzie to potentially chunk up with her along the ride...
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