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A tiny, malleable guy attempts to navigate life and an internship at a law firm
Chapter 1

A New Day

    by: Alistair   More by this author
You woke up suddenly as your entire room began to vibrate rhythmically. Shooting up out of bed in a daze you assumed it was an earthquake and took cover under a nearby table.
After a few seconds the shaking began to subside, growing fainter and fainter. As you climbed out from under the table and you actually started to wake up, you chuckled at how ridiculous you had just been, it was obviously the vibrations from someone walking past your apartment that woke you up, not an earthquake.

You still hadn’t gotten used to living right next to the floor level of the hallway. Every morning for the last few months you had been woken up by one of Greentower Apartment’s many residents wandering past your apartment, causing a considerable amount of noise for someone of your size.
The other tiny guys that also had a habitation box in this retrofitted storage closet didn’t have this issue since theirs weren’t sitting on the ground, they were stacked on top of your habitation box.
Still, you couldn’t complain too much, your “apartment” was much nicer than what most tiny guys had, and sure beat the shelf you lived on in your mom’s closet back home.
Living on your own had some other benefits as well, not having to constantly be around your airhead mother and cruel sister being the primary one.

You quickly got dressed, pulling on a simple T-shirt and jeans, before pulling open the curtains that covered your window, flooding the artificial light of the hallway into your one room apartment.

Your apartment was compact, but you felt you had made it cozy with the little you had available to you, there wasn’t a big market for furniture and decorations for tiny living spaces. Your bed, still messy from your startled awakening, sat in the corner opposite the door. The main room acted as both your bedroom, living room and kitchen. There was a door to the bathroom on the same side of the room as your bed.

Your observation of your apartment was interrupted as the rhythmic thudding of another set of footsteps caused the room to lightly vibrate, turning your attention to outside of the window. You thought briefly that you should speak to your landlady, Taylor, about any way you could possibly reduce the impact of people walking past, but decided it would be better not to. She, quite frankly, scared the hell out of you after she found out you were trained as a lawyer. You’re not sure what exactly it is that she has against lawyers, but you don’t want to find out.

Looking out the window, you saw one of your fellow tinies, a guy called Andrew who lives in one of the blocks above you, not walking along the designated path for tinies at the sides of the hall. You briefly wondered why, before you looked off to your left, following his gaze. He was staring down the hallway towards the massive form of Violet Quinn, one of your neighbours from across the hall, who was walking down the hall away from him. His eyes were firmly glued on her backside, swaying and jiggling as she walked away.

However, since he was too busy watching Violet, he didn’t notice where he was standing or the vibrations, and you watched as, before he could even turn around, a shoe descended on him, crushing him instantly. You looked up to see the familiar form of Chloe Kim, one of your neighbours from down the hall, who just kept walking as if nothing had happened. You couldn’t be sure whether the short, black haired girl hadn’t noticed him, or had and just didn’t care. As she took her next step, you saw Andrew go with her, pressed deep into the treads of her well worn keds. Sighing in sympathy for Andrew, you could only be glad that you weren’t in his position.
Living as long as you had as a tiny guy, you had come to accept getting squashed as an unpleasant fact of life. Sure, you try to avoid it whenever you can, but it will happen sometimes. You just had to try and live as normal a life as you could and hope for the best.

Being squashed had other drawbacks than just the pain as well, poor Andrew would most likely be missing whatever he had planned for the day, if not longer than that. You yourself missed a large chunk of your classes in your second year of your law degree to several squashing incidents, leading to damage to your grades that you never really recovered from, leading to your current situation.
An unpaid internship wasn’t the ideal scenario, sure, but at least you had this opportunity, and you promised yourself that nothing was going to get in your way this time.

You weren’t sure exactly what you had planned for today, your first day of your internship was coming up, but you couldn’t remember exactly when it was. You’d need to check your calendar, but first you wanted to have breakfast, your alarm clock wouldn’t be due to go off for another hour, so you had time.

After preparing as nice a breakfast as you could given your size, which amounted to little more than a few crumbs to a normal sized person, you crossed the room to your much too large alarm clock and struggled to turn it off. It was around the same size as you, and it was one of the smaller ones you could get.

Moving into the bathroom, you started to brush your teeth, and tried to remember what it was you were planning to do today.

1) Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a knock at your door, rushing out of the bathroom you look through the window to see a pair of nice looking high heels. The sight of them reminds you that today was your first day at your internship, and the partners had arranged for one of the other interns, Isabella Martin, to pick you up. You will have to quickly get changed into a more professional outfit.
2) Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a knock at your door. You remember that you weren’t due to start your internship for another few days, so who could it be?
3) After emerging from the bathroom you look at your calendar, you don’t have any plans today, so you decide to go and hang out with one of your neighbours, or you could see about getting acquainted with one of the neighbours you haven’t met yet.
4) You finish brushing your teeth without any interruptions. Making your way over to your calendar, you realise that you didn’t have your internship for another few days, but you had made plans.
5) You realise that you didn’t have anything planned for today, so you decide to just chill out and see if anything comes to mind for you to do today. (More options).
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