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  1. The Beginning of the trouble.
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You have a size-controlling Ray in a college full of Anthro characters. Have fun!
Chapter 1

The Beginning of the trouble.

    by: punkachu   More by this author
Acme University is, obviously, a prestigious university. It expects a lot from its students. And, as one of its first human students, even more than you.

As you sat in the dorm you shared with your roommate Lola, you were still working in a fever, finally nearing the completion of a project that could finally, permanently, make sure you were not left behind. You would make sure that you impressed the higher ups enough that it leave one hell of a long lasting impression on that! A few more sparks and you pull back, removing your eye protection as you hold up a device that looks...a little like a TV remote. On it were the two buttons shaped like arrows.

"Alright...time for the final test run..." With a final gulp, you point the end of the device at a Basketball your roommate had left lying around, and pushed on the arrow pointing down...

The basketball rapidly dwindled down to the size of a bead. With a little more confidence, you press the up arrow...and it rapidly returns to its original story before growing all the way up to the size of an exercise ball.

"It works! This is perfect! I've got to take this to the de-" Wait.

You made a size ray. No one knows you have it. It would be a waste to turn it in when you have it like this, I mean, you could have some fun with it...
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