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  1. In the beginning
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by Hole
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Follow a person living in a galaxy full of aliens and antics to be had
Chapter #1

In the beginning

    by: Hole
The year is 2293 AD, or 133 PB according to the Zehm calendar, or 116 AR according to the Modular calendar, or 102 AL according to the Maidbot calend-

Look, the point is, it's the far future and everyone has achieved space travel. Numerous space faring empires have come to rise in the new galactic order, all of which having different ideologies on how to rule. From the idealistic and free-thinking humans, to the proud and zealous Modulars, the authoritarian and xenophobic Zehm, and the robotic and pragmatic Maidbots.
You are one of the residents of this chaotic galaxy, but unlike all those other 'normal' people, you get to choose what you're born as and what your fate will be.
Now where will your character start from?
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