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Comedy: February 24, 2021 Issue [#10632]

 This week: The Procrastination Blame Game
  Edited by: Lornda
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About This Newsletter

This week's Comedy Editor:

"First drafts don't have to be perfect. They just have to be written."
~ Unknown

"Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill."
~ Christopher Parker - English Actor

"I'm going to stop putting things off, starting tomorrow!"

~ Sam Levenson - American Humorist

*Dialog* Little excuses can lead to procrastination. Find out how you can focus on completing your writing project.

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Letter from the editor

*BoxCheckB* Now

*Box* Later

*Box* Someday

*Box* Soon

         It’s a challenge to find time to write. Not only can the mundane life get in the way with work, sleep, and combing your hair, there’s one other snag to the creative process — excuses — which lead to procrastination. Sometimes one little excuse can stop us to completing the writing project. Maybe you’re waiting for inspiration, or you feel it’s too much work to continue, or one of the biggest excuses, I’m too tired!

         Can you relate to these types of excuses in the following scenario?

First things first — turn on the computer and think of a title. While it’s warming up and going through the umpteen updates, I’ll get those groceries away. Nah, I’ll just get the cold stuff in the fridge and freezer. The rest can wait ‘til later because the writing of my story is more important.

Okay, that didn’t take too long. Let’s get into Word and start typing. Wait. What’s my title? I better straighten my desk up, and clear it of the clutter of story idea notes and receipts from the store.

Oh, blast! I forgot to make a cup of coffee. By the time the Keurig gets fired up, I know my title will hit me. I’ve got to have it my head first.

Love the donut shop coffee flavor. It’s so smooth. While I sip it, I’ll toss some title ideas on this piece of scrap paper.

Geez, I have to pee.

Now, the coffee is cold. I’ll just zap it in the microwave.

My cell phone rings. It’s those telemarketers again. “No, thanks I don’t need any more insurance.” “But, Ma’am, are you covered for when you trip over a stone?“ I hang-up.

I stare at the curser blinking at me. What’s the title? Oh, forget it. I’ll write the story tomorrow!

         Does this scenario sound farfetched? Word on the WdC street says it’s not a made-up experience. (*Smirk*) It does show how little excuses can lead to procrastination and before you know it, you haven’t written one word.

*Questionb* What can be done to overcome procrastination?

         Set small goals by setting a timer to write for 25 minutes or to accomplish a certain word count. Break the writing up into chunks. Take it one step at a time with the research, outline, draft, and editing. The story will be done before you know it!

*Questiony* What’s the cause of the procrastination?

         Take notice of what starts the little excuses. Did you lose your train of thought while writing, or were you thinking of a workmate who didn’t say hello to you yesterday and give up? You then find yourself automatically picking up your phone to scroll through Instagram. Probably not much happening since you checked ten minutes ago! Use the time instead to re-read what you’ve written.

*Questionv* How can you defeat procrastination?

         Focus on the process and not the results. Think of the satisfactory feeling you receive when the writing project is finished.

         Even though excuses like, you’re too tired, not good enough, waiting for inspiration, or there’s still time, can slow your writing down, try to forget about those doubts and start writing now to finish your project!

         I’ll leave you with a joke about procrastination.

         Click here

A sig for the best genre in the world--Comedy!

Editor's Picks

Excuses didn't keep these authors from completing their writing project. *Bigsmile*

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by Pennywise

 Garden Woes  [13+]
Contest entry for Humorous Poetry contest
by Nani - Blessed Indeed

 Strange  [E]
Tyler has a new client
by Seven Ink

Reflections  [E]
A hairy scene through a cafe window. Limericks
by Blueyez

Skeletal Nightmare  [13+]
So this is more comedy than horror, but...
by Angr

 Elvis  [ASR]
Comedy poem
by Allycat70

More Coffee?  [13+]
Mmm, mm good!
by Words Whirling 'Round

 How we spoke in the 1950s & 60s  [13+]
Imaginary story today told in 1950s/60s speak. In slang, Google if you need to. Grin
by Elby Wordsmith

Old Miss Molly and the Doc  [ASR]
“You won’t believe what he just told me!"
by deemac

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Ask & Answer

*Questionw* When is the best time to write for you, and what excuses have you encountered along the way?

*Tower* Feedback from my last newsletter, "Building a Fun Character.

Lilli ☕: "Oh my, sooo funny! Thanks for the laughs!"

You're so welcome! *Bigsmile*

Quick-Quill: "ROTFL!!! Hoser!! I just finished my new crime novel. I forgot Hoser! If I get it back for another edit, I'll slip that in to Dad's conversation. He's from Up Nort, ya know. The setting is present St. Paul, MN. I used lots of MN speak in the book. I loved this NL."

Lol! Congrats on the new crime novel, and I hope Hoser makes it into the final cut! *Cool*

Joy: "This was fun to read! Thanks, Lornda!"

Thanks for the comment, and I'm happy you had fun reading about some of the Canadian laws. *Bigsmile* I was glad to find out what we're suppose to do if we see a Sasquatch. *Laugh*

*Dialog* Comments from the newsfeed for the question: Have you written a fun character? What quirks or characteristics made them funny?

Steven, Rejected By All: "He was a werehamster. Enough said."

Dr. Alex Dolittle: "Ha! All the time! I make my characters super relatable and break the fourth wall. As Raven would say, "I would say no, I can't go on a quest because my family would forbid it; but I'm a homeless kid and I feel like I'm some character in a book so I've gotta say yes to going on a super dangerous "quest" with you, random stranger I just met."

Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville: "There are vampires and then there are MY vamps and then there's Bawang...

1. Bunny raises rabbits (whence the name), won't drink human blood, rids the alleys of vermin.
2. Thoom is ancient, an herbalist who knows her garlic, "if it doesn't kill you it might cure you."
3. Czeszniak loves cookies, bakes cookies ... studies.
4. Bawang is gender-fluid ... in the sense that s/he switches for no apparent reason. Don't ask how ... fangs baby ... fangs. *Vamp*

Their quirks lead to stories. Like these two I wrote about Lily... long ago. (they could use an edit). ""NaNo25 Nov6 779words (nb19) Lily's Dreams [166.263] & "In your coldest nightmare

woolwaulker: "Crisp comebacks, Witticisms, Self-deprecation, Inept sexual advances, surreptitious glances at forbidden items."

DevilsBargin: "I rarely do research on my characters. I simply write the characters that I wish to write. With the only exception being if I'm crafting the story for someone imparticular in mind then I let the story they want dictate the characters I present. Be warned though. Writing this way is a delicate balance. That will drive the writer mad. Because you will not always agree with the characters and their decisions."

SilverMoon🌌: "I need to learn how. Then again, maybe I have created fun characters with the sometimes crazy things they've said or done. After all it's something I can relate to. ;)"

TheBusmanPoet: "The only characters I write about are my wife, myself and my cats."

keyisfake: "My readers like my character Anton Potter for his "I don't take crap but I will get into a crap load of trouble before asking for help." He's one of the fathers to my main character and is hard to argue with when he wants his family to do as he says."

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