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Everything for my devotional project
I need a theme for my devotional. My earliest thought was a study of the senses---sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell. I think I'm going to need something broader, though. The family of believers making up the body may work. That can encompass the senses, but also passages like believers being living stones. Maybe---this just occurred to me---it can focus on how we have life with God. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, HE did create everything, and all we have comes from HIM. Including our lives and everything that makes them matter. Maybe a theme of every good gift comes from HIM can be a better approach. I need to narrow it a bit. Perhaps every good tangible gift comes from HIM is a better way. Returning to the senses, I may be able to make that work. Originally, I planned to write about being able to see or not see, hear or not hear, and how God teaches us about that. Verses like " He who has ears to hear" spring to mind. I can also reflect on how our use of senses helps us understand God's lessons to us. If you've never seen a head of hair, is it harder to understand how much hair is there? Probably. Our knowledge, including that gleaned by our senses, helps us to comprehend and imagine what God is trying to teach us. Knowing the size of a mustard seed, the smell of incense, and the taste of good fruit is valuable. Since every good gift comes from God, then our senses are a good gift and they help us to understand HIM better and know him more. Yeah, that might work. 🙂
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