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The brownie clan face a new quest more perilous than they could ever imagine.
The Kraken's Prisoners is the second part of a high fantasy trilogy 'The Brownies of Velmoran,' a quest narrative that focuses on a clan of brownies journeying to find a home for themselves free of oppression and persecution from humans and the other faerie races.

After their dreams of finding a homeland for themselves were shattered at the Seelie Court by the evil faerie king, Midhir, the brownie clan face a new quest more perilous than they could ever imagine.

Aira the brownie thinks that she is safe staying in the beautiful forest home of some kindly dryads whilst her friends journey on to slay Krysila, the monstrous kraken that has stolen Velmoran; the coastal homeland of the brownies. Since Velmoran was lost, the brownies have been bound to a lowly existence as servants to others. Aira dreams being reunited with her fellow brownies, enjoying peace and happiness in Velmoran free from being downtrodden by humans and the other faerie races.

However, Krysila has been spying out the brownies' every move. When the immortal kraken learns that Aira may know the location of the magical sword forged to enable her to be killed, Krysila loses no time in destroying Aira's woodland sanctuary to capture her. Fleeing to join her fellow brownies, Aira is heartbroken to find that the responsibility of being king and the hardships of the quest are taking a devastating toll on her beloved friend, Boroden.

With danger from Krysila's followers at every turn breaking the brownie clan apart, Aira finds unexpected strength to get herself and her friends through peril and heartbreak. Aira's hopes of winning back her ancestral homeland rise as she uncovers the hidden sword and encounters another group of brownies seemingly longing to help them regain Velmoran. However, these new friends are not what they seem.

Can Aira uncover who these uncanny group of brownies really are, or will she and her friends fall into the trap that Krysila has laid?

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