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Hello to all fantasy adventure lovers. From a young age I have been reading fantasy books. When I was a young kid I played AD&D And I am always seeking out books that are as fun to read as playing that game. Of course I want my stories to also gain those standards. From a young age I have been in a spiritual course, my parents took me to learn meditation at age 10 so alot of that will show in my stories. What else? Humor, I feel that a story is not balanced if it doesn't have it's share of humor. In real life, even in the worst of situations humor is always present. Its what protects us from loosing our minds. Peace
Rik Raid is an adventurer who goes through a Betrayal filled adventure.
Rated: 13+
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Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Contest Entry
Type: Short Story
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    Does evil reside in all souls, or are some more prone to evil than others.
    Rated: 13+ · Fantasy · #1772771
    Rik Raid is an adventurer who goes through a Betrayal filled adventure.
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