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I'm A.F. Lamonte. I'm a SAHM, living with my husband, 3 daughters, and 3 cats. I'm a hobby historian and huge fan of ghost stories. I've written historical and paranormal fiction and read anything in those genres. I'm also a blogger and post history articles on my Wordpress page, Ramblings of a History Geek. In my spare time, I love to visit historical or abandoned towns. I'm currently working on a 3-book series, called The Reaper's Apprentice. As a side project, I'm working on a poetry book where each poem is from the perspective of abandoned locations.
    Rated: E · Personal · #2162270
    Just a poem that one of my characters wrote to another character in my WIP novel
    Rated: E · Philosophy · #2160541
    "Look deeper into nature and you will understand everything better." -Einstein
    Rated: E · Paranormal · #2160497
    We can see you...
    Rated: E · Ghost · #2160494
    Just a boy and his favorite tree...
    Rated: E · Emotional · #2160493
    A poem written by one character for another.
    Rated: ASR · Death · #2154626
    Written in memory of a neighborhood stray cat that was killed by a car yesterday
    Rated: ASR · Personal · #2149830
    Thoughts of an empath who feels alone in a world that seems to lack compassion
    Rated: ASR · Emotional · #2149559
    The woes of a woman in the 1910s who left her family for fame.
    Rated: ASR · Ghost · #2149550
    A pinwheel still appears at a child's grave, even 150 years after the child's death
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