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Hi, I'm Willum. I've been here since the last day of 2008 and I still check the site semi-regularly. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or suggestions about my stories. Many of my chapters are quite old as I don't write here that much anymore but I keep them up for posterity's sake.
You walk into your High school, and find yourself shrinking rapidly! 120,000+ views!
Rated: 18+
662 Chapters
*Dollar* 150 GPs per review
Erotica, Action/Adventure, Adult
Type: Interactive
Updated 7 months ago
May contain giantesses. Do not use if allergic to giant women. 65,000+ views!
Rated: 18+
333 Chapters
Erotica, Adult, Action/Adventure
Type: Interactive
Updated 5 months ago
One girl slowly becomes more and more powerful with each passing day...
Rated: 18+
21 Chapters
*Dollar* 188 GPs per review
Adult, Dark, Erotica
Type: Interactive
Updated 6 years ago
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